06AUG21 / 0600Z - Friday Night Flight: Long Live The Hub & Spoke @ Delta Hub Airports

Why would you do this? @Seniorfirstofficer

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So everyone’s scenery is working and everyone’s memory is clean for a lot of aircraft being present.


Wish it were 3D.

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Everytime before i start Infinite flight app I run the device internal cleaner app

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There is a great book titled “Glory Lost and Found” by Seth Kaplan… It is about the successes and failures over the life of Delta Airlines. (Also available as a Audio Book selection on Audible.

I’ve listened to it twice and recommend it.


Love it! Such a good thing, thanks!

where is the atc at new york center?

never mind

Hope next fnf is in America as American Airlines New York to Charlotte!

En route to KPHX from KJFK! This is my first FNF in a long time and I remember it being as busy as it was lol. Took a good 20 minutes just being on the ground waiting to cross a runway and then takeoff.

Having fun though.

Hi all good everyone,

Now, I have my game Delta A330-300 Original: KATL/ATL - MHTG/TGU - KATL/ATL - KSLC/SLC - RJTT/HND and now destination to KSLC/SLC over the Pacific Ocean on my phone IF. I saw check use on my computer track Flight Live callsign: N364WY.

I stumbled onto this event just looking to do a flight. I just spawned at JFK looking to do a long haul but then flew to Atlanta with a group of 3 people.

I miss Friday night flights good times

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