06AUG20 / 2130Z -quick group flight KPHX-KTUS @ KPHX

American CRJ-700




I will provide the FPL! Join me for this quick under 30 minutes flight!

Cruise at 22,000 at 290kts


I’ll be there :)

Hey copy the format and paste it to the title

06AUG20 / 2130Z -quick group flight KPHX-KTUS @ KPHX

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Haha thank you

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Ill be there :)

Awesome! Thanks for coming

Sure I’ll join

Cool! See ya there

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I’ll join too :)

I’ll be there!

Awesome thanks so much!

@Delta18 and @iiExTReME

Wanna have a landing competition lol? 😂

Bet, sign me up. Does everyone have IF Operations?


Sorry about the bad hand writing.

We will spawn at the circled gates at KPHX

I will warn you, I landed a crj-700 at -998v/s 2 days ago… 😂😂

and then proceded to bounce, go vertical, and tokyo drift at 100 knots and fall nosegear first and stopping. Casual of course

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Just to let you know, i feel as if 280-300 would be more suitable

I’ll join, Tucson is my place of residency !

I’m in for a landing comp

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Oh man. I’ll have IF ops running for this one

Alright we’ll do 290kts then