06AUG20 / 0300Z - Evening Shenanigans w/ Deerio pt. 3 @ YMIA

  • Aircraft and Livery: Lockheed Martin F22

  • Route: Direct routing to each airport. YMIA (594nm) YSTO (634nm) YCFS (608nm) YMIA

  • Time of Departure: 2020-08-06T03:00:00Z

  • Server: Casual

  • Additional Information: Part 3 takes us to the land down under. In this 3 legged race, we begin our journey at YMIA where we’ll proceed north to YSTO before heading over to the east coast to YCFS. On our second leg, tailwinds exceeding 110-115kts will be experienced, and we should see some record breaking ground speeds. We’ll make our way back to YMIA where this flight will conclude. As always, the individual who places the highest the most amount of times will win the overall race. Winner winner chicken dinner. The winner will claim bragging rights. 😁

How the race works

  • Full stop landing at each airport.
  • Exit the runway and holdshort. We will wait until all pilots in the group have landed.
  • Once all pilots in this group have landed, I will post a time here in the thread for our new departure time. no cheating 😉
  • Once the clock strikes the specified time, light the after burners and race towards the next airport. First one there wins. Then repeat the above steps until we arrive at our starting point and complete our third leg.

Oh boy you know I’m in. I hope no strong tailwinds

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hold up, where was part 2 lmao

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Yesterday lol

damn how’d i miss it lol

Ill probably be there! I’m doing a fun flight rn but this is more fun so I’ll probably just quit

So, I am planning on controlling at that time (not casual, I’m not that dumb) @DeerCrusher

Alright! Hoping for one victory this time!

Hoorah! I’ll be there!

I wish I could be there with everyone! But, I can’t.

@FL340 🤔🤔

I hope I can make it to this one! 😁
Leg 2 is going to be fun!

Sounds fun! I think I’ll be able to join.

Well I hope this works this time. Lol

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@Nate_Schneller has entered the chat


Let’s see how you do compared to the rest of us, I have a feeling we’re already beaten with your presence looming…

Everyone else has left the chat
Lol 😂

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Time to load In 😈

No. I did not take a wrong turn

Do what I’m doing so you don’t spin off on the runway, it works.

If you’re on the runway you can’t spin off