06APR24: MUVA Presents | Qingming Festival Shanghai Fly-Out

Qingming Festival · Shanghai Fly-out

Presented by China Eastern Virtual Airline

Dont look this apply now!!


April 5, 2024 is one of the traditional Chinese festivals, Qingming, where we usually go out for a walk, so welcome to Shanghai Pudong International Airport, welcome to IFMUVA, and let’s go out for a walk with IFMUVA!

About the Event

The Qingming Festival - Shanghai Fly-out is the first time MUVA has held an event since its founding, and we’re all looking forward to it. Shanghai Pudong International Airport is the largest hub for China Eastern Airlines, which has a number of routes from Shanghai that can take you to various parts of the world. Please note that our Fly-Out is limited to a few hours to ensure maximum efficiency and spectacle.

Event Detail

Server: Expert
Airport: ZSPD (Shanghai Pudong Int’l Airport)
Event Type: Fly-Out
Date: April 6, 2024
Time:Saturday, April 6, 2024 10:00 AMSaturday, April 6, 2024 2:00 PM

Air Traffic Control

We are very grateful for their contributions to our event!
Frequency Controller
Ground @BlueSky
Tower @BlueSky
Approach -
Departure -
Shanghai Center -

Gate Assignment

Terminal 1
Gate Destination Pilot Airline
Gate 7 Los Angeles @renhucheng1 China Eastern
Gate 9 San Francisco @AirChina8888C VO1
Gate 11 Amsterdam - China Eastern
Gate 13 London - China Eastern
Gate 15 Moscow - China Eastern
Gate 17 Singapore @Winter_love China Eastern
Gate 19 Seoul @StormZe China Eastern
Gate 21 Moscow - Aeroflot
Gate 23 - - Aeroflot
Terminal 2
Gate Destination Pilot Airline
Gate 57 Beijing Capital @Aviation_Yan China Eastern
Gate 59 Beijing Capital - China Eastern
Gate 61 Beijing Daxing @qzz23 China Eastern
Gate 63 Beijing Daxing @kilmer China Eastern
Gate 65 Hefei Xinqiao @ China Eastern
Gate 67 Guangzhou Baiyun @Frank_Dongdy China Eastern
Gate 69 Shenzhen Bao’an - China Eastern
Gate 71 Kunming Changshui - China Eastern
Gate 73 Chongqing Jiangbei - China Eastern
Gate 75 Xi’an Xianyang - China Eastern
Gate 77 Dalian Zhoushuizi - China Eastern
Gate 79 Guangzhou Baiyun Int’l China Eastern
Gate 81 Chengdu Shuangliu @Aviation_Yan China Eastern
Gate 83 Wuhan Tianhe - China Eastern
Gate 85 Changsha Huanghua - China Eastern
Gate 87 Guiyang Longdongbao - China Eastern
Gate 89 Xining Caojiapu - China Eastern
Gate 91 Nanchang Changbei - China Eastern
Satellite Terminal 1
Gate Destination Pilot Airline
101 (A380) Incheon Korean Virtual
102 (A380) Incheon Korean Virtual
112 - - Aeroflot
113 - - Aeroflot
114 - - Aeroflot
115 Incheon - Korean Virtual
116 Incheon - Korean Virtual
117 Incheon - Korean Virtual
118 - - Dubai Virtual
119 (A380) - - Dubai Virtual
120 - - Dubai Virtual
121 (A380) Dubai - Dubai Virtual
122 - - Waiting for assign
131 (A380) - - Dubai Virtual
133 - - Waiting for assign
135 - -
136 (A380) - Korean Virtual
Satellite Terminal 2
Gate Destination Pilot Airline
166 - - Waiting For Assign
167 Haikou Meilan @Friday Hainan Virtual
168 Sanya Phoenix - Hainan Virtual
169 - - Hainan Virtual
170 - - Hainan Virtual
171 - - Waiting For Assign
172 - - Waiting For Assign
173 (A380) Guangzhou Baiyun @HeiBaiCN China Southern Virtual Group
174 (A380) Beijing Daxing - China Southern Virtual Group
175 (A380) - - China Southern Virtual Group
176 - - China Southern Virtual Group
177 (A380) - - China Southern Virtual Group
189 - - China Southern Virtual Group
190 - - Waiting For Assign
152 - - Waiting For Assign
153 - - Hainan Virtual
154 - - Waiting For Assign
155 - - Waiting For Assign
156 - - Waiting For Assign

Our Partner List

VA Name Thread
Hainan Virtual Airline (HNA) HainanVirtual
Aeroflot Virtual (AFLV) AFLV Group
China Southern (CZVG) China Southern Virtual Group
Dubai Virtual (DVA) Dubai Virtual Airlines
Korean Virtual Airline (KEVA)
- -


  • MUVA are NOT responsible for any/all violations received.
  • ATC Instructions MUST be followed for the entire duration of the flight.
  • Livery changes are permitted only with host’s approval.

Hope you have a good flight soon!

Wish all the best!
Infinite Flight China Eastern Virtual Airline


Hello! Is this an exclusive VA fly-out? If not, could I have a Juneyao 787 to Athens?


No this is not a VA exclusive event and of course you man choose any route you want, see you there!

MUVA Project Manager


We need more ATCs!!
We need your help!

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I can open Departure GTS

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Hello is there Gate Assignments for this event?

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We are so thanks for it!
I’ll add you to ATC list soon!
Thanks again!


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Yes you can click the “Here to apply!” to get your routes and gate!

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It was a great event, and it was also the first event for MUVA, and I am very much looking forward to the arrival of Qingming!


We need more guys join!!!
If you join now you’ll get any one destinations ZSPD can reached!!

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@renhucheng1 @Kilmer @Winter_love We received your application!! We’ll add your guys to sheet immediately.

Are any one want to join too? :DD


COO apply the gate 67 to Guangzhou! I am looking forward to the enjoyable flight with other pilots from Shanghai to any cities around the world in the first event of MUVA!


Looking forward to this flight!


Looking forward to what tomorrow night will be like!

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ZSPD GTS now is open