06APR22 / 1830Z - San Francisco to Houston @KSFO

April 06, 2022- 2:30 Pm Est 630Z Group Flight @ KSFO-KHOU

  • Aircraft and Livery: Any airline and aircraft that flies into Houston Hobby

  • Route: SFO-HOU

  • Time of Departure:04/06/22 ——-12:30 MST 1:30 CST, 2:30 EST 630Z

  • Server: Training

  • Additional Information: Any Aircraft and airline that flies into Houston Hobby is good to go. There are no assigned gates and no assigned controllers. I will be flying Southwest Airlines with the 737-800 in The Heart one livery. My call sign is Southwest 837. You can copy my flight plan or create your own. I am located at Terminal 1, B21. Hope to see you there!
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Hello, the post title format rule has not been followed. You can view the rules using the post I linked ;)

I apologize for the mistake. I believe I have fixed it

What @AviationChampion refers to is the title of the thread, where currently says “Group Flight”. Instead, it should say something like 06APR22 / 1830Z - San Francisco to Houston @KSFO for example. In the emphasized text you should put the title you want

Oh gotcha. I apologize once again. Let me correct that right now

Yep, that’s better.

Don’t worry, we all make mistakes.

You have your ATC 👍🏻

Good, GA can participate!

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