06 JUL22 / 0800Z - 2000Z - A 47 Degree Turn @VHHX

A 47 Degree Turn


Kai Tak Airport is a former civilian airport in Hong Kong, which was once one of the busiest airports in the world, with one of the highest international passenger and cargo volumes in the world, serving countless passengers during its use.

It is located in the urban area of Kowloon, Hong Kong, and is surrounded by mountains on three sides. The hills to the north and northeast of the airport are about 10 kilometers away at a height of 2,000 feet, and the hills to the east are only 5 kilometers away from the runway. South of the airport is the Victoria Harbour, and less than 10 kilometers outside the harbor, and the Hong Kong Island is about 1700 feet high mountains.

Event details

TIME: 2022/7/6

Airport: VHHX

Server: Expert Server


Position ATC

Suggested Routes

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Arriving from Airline Flight Aircraft
Abu Dhabi Gulf Air GF152 B763
Adelaide Cathay Pacific CX104 B744
Amsterdam Cathay Pacific CX 270 B744
KLM KL887 B744
Auckland Air New Zealand NZ79 B767
Cathay Pacific CX270 B744
Bangkok Thai International TG600 B744
Cathay Pacific CX700 B777
Beijing Air China CA101 B744
Dragon Air KA901 A330
Brisbane Qantas QF85 B763
Cathay Pacific CX102 A330
Cebu Cathay Pacific CX920 A330
Chicago United UA805 B744
Delhi Air India AI314 B747
Dubai Cathay Pacific CX730 B747
Frankfurt Cathay Pacific CX288 B744
Ho Chi Minh City Cathay Pacific CX766 A330
Jakarta Garuda Indonesia GA874 B747
London British Airways BA031 B744
Cathay Pacific CX256 B744
Los Angeles United UA1 B744
Manila Cathay Pacific CX904 B747
Philippine Airlines PR306 B747
British Airways BA032 B744
Air France AF185 B747
Mumbai Air India AI314 B747
Nagoya Cathay Pacific CX531 B747
Cathay Pacific CX533 A340
New York Cathay Pacific CX889 B744
Paris Cathay Pacific CX260 B744
Air France AF186 B747
San Francisco Singapore Airlines SQ1 B744
United UA835 B744
Seoul Korean Air KE617 B747
Asiana OZ301 B747
Cathay Pacific CX411 B777
Singapore Cathay Pacific CX710 B747
Singapore Airlines SQ860 B744
Sydney Qantas QF27 B744
Tokyo Japan Airlines JL733 B744
All Nippon NH909 B744
Cathay Pacific CX509 B777
United UA801 B744
Vancouver Cathay Pacific CX889 B744
Zurich Cathay Pacific CX390 A340

Gate Assignment

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Gate Pilot VA / IFC
1 CXVA reserved
2 CXVA reserved
3 CXVA reserved
4 CXVA reserved
5 CXVA reserved
6 CXVA reserved
7 CXVA reserved
8 CXVA reserved
15 IFC
16 IFC
17 IFC
18 IFC
19 IFC
20 IFC
21 IFC
22 IFC
23 IFC
24 IFC
25 IFC
26 IFC


In order to land on runway 13, the aircraft will first fly west from near Cheung Chau (heading 270°) and start to descend, turn northeast around the west end of Lantau Island (heading 45°), then change to east north of Sha Lo Wan on Lantau Island (heading 88°), pass through the western harbor of Victoria Harbour and enter the densely built West Kowloon. The eastward leg of Runway 13 has had an Instrument Guidance System (IGS) since 1974, similar to the one on Runway 31, but without the lead-to-landing. When the aircraft reaches the vicinity of Kadoorie Hill in Kowloon Tsai, the pilot has to turn 47° to the right visually to align with the runway jutting into the harbor for landing. The hill is painted in red and white and illuminated at night. The plane turned here at an altitude of less than 1,000 feet (300 meters) and was only 1.4 nautical miles (2.6 kilometers) from the landing site. If a strong northeasterly wind was blowing in the harbor, the aircraft would have to make a side wind landing. When a typhoon hits Hong Kong, it is even more difficult to descend when the wind is blowing in the harbor with unstable strength gusts.


  • You don’t have to be CXVA pilots to attend this event.
  • ATC is likely to be present and you should always follow ATC’s orders.
  • Read the chart before doing your flight or controlling as ATC.
  • Respect other pilots and don’t use improbable callsign.

You can plan your own departure airport! The suggested routes are suggestions.

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I’ll take GTS ATC for this event :)

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