06/14/17 @ KLAS, Terminal 3, D Gates

Hey guys, currently I’m in KLAS airport enjoying the wonderful views that this airport has to offer. Enjoy the photos and if you have any questions feel free to drop them below. Enjoy 🙂!

Frontier Airline A320-214, Yukon the Caribou, pushing back out of D17 for its onetime departure to Denver International.

An American A321 boarding for a onetime departure out of D7 (destination unknown).
Also a B752 Allegiant taking off for a 5.5 hour flight to Honolulu Airport.

D17 Gate times for Frontier Airlines. My return flight is the last one out of this gate.

Frontier Airlines A320-251N Weston the Woodpecker pushing back out of gate D19 for a slightly delayed flight to Houston Intercontinental Airport.

American Airlines B738 retro livery just pulled in from Chicago O’Hare Airport.

Frontier Airlines A320-214 Yukon the Caribou (before it left) getting bags off from its earlier flight in from IAH.

International Terminal with a view of an Alaska Airlines B738 and a JetBlue A321, both of who, have later departures today to currently unknown destinations.

This is the aircraft I arrived on earlier today, Misty the Arctic Fox an A319, bags and boarding for a flight to Sioux Falls. It is actually returning to the same gate here later this afternoon and than flying out to Colorado Springs. Interesting route.

Interior of Terminal 3 outside of Gate D17

A gorgeous view of the control towers for KLAS with the tail of a Sun Country B738 departure, for Minneapolis Saint Paul Airport, sticking up in the background

An American B738 just arrived 2 hours late from Washington Dulles Airport. In the background is a Southwest B737, classic retro livery, heading to Salt Lake International Airport. Arriving on 25L is a Volarios A320-233 just in from Mexico City Airport.

Allegiant A319 Departure out of 07R for Fresno!

Delta E75L just arriving via 07R from Los Angeles Airport.
Delta B752 pushback for a flight to MSP.

Same for the two Delta as previous photo, but a Spirit Airlines A321 departure for DFW.

United Airlines B738 rotating on 07L for a flight to DCA

Delta Airlines lineup

Southwest Airlines B737 flight out to DEN via 07L.

Southwest B737 departure for Baltimore Airport via 07L.

Delta Airlines B738 rotating on 07L for a flight out to San Fransisco Airport.

Aeromexico B738 arrival on 07R from Mexico City.

Air Canada Rogue boarding for a departure to Canada (couldn’t grab the destination airport exactly).

A Delta Airlines MD-80 boarding for a flight to somewhere.

This is my view of the 07s (which KLAS was using for departures)


Nice! Lots of Frontiers there I see.


It is one of Frontier’s biggest hubs. They are going to make a Frontier Vegas hub base for FAs and Pilots here soon.


Expect a lot more photos added as the day goes on.

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Nice shots. Especially love the new Frontier livery such as Weston the Woodpecker in one of your photos ;)

I’m going to get the newest addition to Frontier’s fleet, Sunny the Collared Lizard an A320N in from CVG, later today. So expect some photos of that. For now, I’m just waiting on the next F9 arrival which isn’t for an hour and a half.


Great pics as usual amigo! Keep your eye out for Sarge on the 319 for me would ya’? Best looking 319 Frontier has…but then again, I am sort of biased on that one. :-)

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That’s a cool control tower. Great pictures!

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Haha will do boss :)

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More coming very soon ;) with some actual departures on 07R/L.

Updated and added 15 more photos. Hope you enjoy and be ready for more 😋.

Some family of mine flew in from KSAN last night on the flamingo A320, can’t remember the name though.

Fly the Flamingo A320-251N? ;) I have your back man!

Lol, good lookin’ out! I looked it up on FR24, it was Francesca the Flamingo, N223FR.

You should get a good camera. The photos would be amazing!

I would but I don’t have the money. I’m going to stop buying Infinite Flight subscriptions indefinitely to help save up for X-Plane. That and my trips once a month keep my budget for fun really low. I also have to buy model aircraft and they are not cheap.

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Hmm. I didn’t know there were two flamingos. I meant to put “Flo the Flamingo” an A320N but autocorrect struck again.


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I like it! The 4th picture really gives a good perspective of the gate waiting for a plane 😉 😂

I’m glad you enjoy it good sir ;)

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Nice pictures! The JetBlue A321 was probably heading out to New York JFK.

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