05SEP22 - 1700Z - Breeze Virtual Presents -The Mega Tampa Event - @ KTPA

Not a problem! Have a good one!

I’m flying the A220-300 (BCS3) from KTPA-KCAK for this event tomorrow! Come join me if you’d like!

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We have delayed the event 48hrs. We have decided to delay it internally. We hope you understand and see you tomorrow!



I’m sorry guys it’s actually 48hrs, not 24.


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I would be there do u have discord or something ?

@H_GATITO_R_999 this VA has a thread breeze is nice

Yes, but you must be a pilot in order to join our server

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Don’t you have to do a test first @Pilot_InfiniteFlight

You have to apply, then take a test, then go into training

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Where is the test .

You have to apply first. You can apply with the link on our thread!

Event tomorrow!


I’m excited

Same here!

I’m flying the Breeze A220-300 (BCS3) from KTPA-KORF tomorrow! Anyone can join me!

Anyone wanna do a flight on the F/A-18E’s? Or do a show?

It’s expert server and a Breeze event so FA/18’s are not recommended. Also a show would probably give you violations.

No not on the event, just in general

This thread is probably not the place to request that then, since it should only be about the event. I advise you to go on the IF Discord Server and make a group flight asking people if they’d want to join.

Ok, thanks