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Welcome to Bangkok! Is the capital and most populous city of Thailand. It is known in Thai as Krung Thep Maha Nakhon or simply Krung Thep. Suvarnabhumi Airport, (IATA: BKK, ICAO: VTBS), also known unofficially as Bangkok Airport, is one of two international airports serving the Bangkok Metropolitan Region, the other one being Don Mueang International Airport (DMK), which remains open as a low-cost carriers hub. Suvarnabhumi Airport covers an area of 3,240 ha (32.4 km2; 8,000 acres), making it one of the biggest international airports in Southeast Asia and a regional hub for aviation. The airport is also a major Cargo Air Freight Hub (20th busiest in 2019).

Event Type: Flyout

Server : Expert Server

Airport : Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK / VTBS)

Time and Date : 2021-09-05T01:00:00Z

We intend to fill Bangkok’s international airport with aircraft, it’s an incredible airport, with many routes available to different parts of the world! we count on the presence of all of you! we are eagerly awaiting this moment to create a beautiful traffic in the capital of thailand! I’ll see you there!

As partners for this incredible event, Infinite Flight Brasil, better known by Brazilians as “IFBR”, is the largest Virtual Organization in Brazil, created in 2015 with the mission of moving traffic in Brazil and South America, since then, Virtual The organization has been successful in the Infinite Flight community! Hope we see a beautiful traffic in Thai skies

Event Organiser
João (JPC) Costa
Infinite Flight Brasil

Short Routes (3h and -3h)
Flight no. Airline Arrival Flight Time (Estimated) Aircraft Pilot
TG922 Thai Airways VTSP 1:00 A359 @
VN606 Vietnam Airlines VVTS 1:00 B789 or A359 @
VN610 Vietnam Airlines VVNB 1:30 B789 or A359 @
PG215 Bangkok Airways VTCC 1:30 B712 @
MH783 Malaysia Airlines WMKK 1:50 B738 @
SQ711 Singapore Airlines WSSS 1:50 A359 @HUMVEE
SQ707 Singapore Airlines WSSS 1:50 A359 @
CX704 Cathay Pacific VHHH 2:25 A359 @
RG828 Varig VHHH 2:25 B772 @Wagner_Costa
CZ3082 China Southern Airlines ZGGG 2:30 B789 @
GA8674 Garuda Indonesia WIII 3:00 B738 @
PR731 Philippine Airlines RPLL 3:00 A321 @

Long Routes (+3h)
Flight no. Airline Arrival Flight Time (Estimated) Aircraft Pilot
BR212 EVA Air RCTP 3:20 B77W @Olegend049
BR6056 EVA Air RCTP 3:20 B77W @
AI333 Air India VIDP 3:30 B788 @
KE652 Korean Air RKSI 5:00 B789 @
EK385 Emirates OMDB 5:30 B77W or A388 @ZzboslikezZ
EY405 Etihad Airways OMAA 5:40 B78X @
NH850 All Nippon Airways RJTT 5:40 B78X @
QR837 Qatar Airways OTHH 6:10 B77W or B77L @
ET645 Ethiopian Airlines HAAB 7:20 B788 @
MS508 EgyptAir HECA 8:10 A333 @
QF7706 Qantas YMML 8:30 A333 @
TG475 Thai Airways YSSY 8:30 B77W @
UU888 Air Austral FMEE -:– B788 @
TK69 Turkish Airlines LTFM 9:20 A333 @
LY88 El Al LLBG 9:50 B78X @
OS26 Austrian Airlines LOWW 10:00 B772 @
AY142 Finnair EFHK 10:20 A359 @
KL844 KLM EHAM 11:30 B77W @Joao_Christ
KL820 KLM EHAM 11:30 B78X @Henrique_Chen
LX181 Swiss LSZH 11:30 B77W @MathAviation7
TG972 Thai Airways LSZH 11:30 B788 @
TG491 Thai Airways NZAA –:– A359 @claytonbrasil700
AF165 Air France LFPG 12:00 B77W @Neto_Campelo
AF165 Air France LFPG 12:00 B77W @Tiago_777
TG932 Thai Airways LFPG 12:00 B788 @gamer_vlogs
BA10 British Airways EGLL 12:20 B789 @Renan
TG910 Thai Airways EGLL 12:20 B772 @Emanuel_Jrs

Ground: @GDS111006 (Estimated)
Tower: @GDS111006 (Estimated)
ATIS: @GDS111006 (Estimated)


→ Please follow the rules of the Expert Server and act professionally at all times;

→ You is responsible for any violations and reports that may be received during your flight;

→ If IFATC is present, follow all instructions, and if not, use UNICOM correctly.


I want the Air France route to Paris please

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Hey could I please do this flight

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Sign me up plz

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@Neto_Campelo with Air France 165

@Olegend049 with EVA Air 212

@HUMVEE with Singapore Airlines 711

Have a good flight!

Hello! Book this flight for me, please.

Another amazing event, @JPC! 👏

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@Joao_Christ with KLM 844

Have a good flight!

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I know this flight isn’t on there, but can I fly from Bangkok to Zurich on the Swiss B777

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I can take for Ground Tower and ATIS
Not really sure as it can have conflict with my breakfast time ☺️

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@MathAviation7 Sure, your route was been added! with Swiss 181

Have a good flight!

@GDS111006 I put you as ATC Ground, Tower and ATIS (Estimated), I hope to see you as ATC in the event!

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Hello i would like the route that is going to land in LFPG, thx

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@gamer_vlogs Sure, this route is all yours! with Thai Airways 932

@Wagner_Costa Your route was been added! with Varig 828

@Emanuel_Jrs with Thai Airways 910

Have a good flight!

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What’s up! I would like to request this slot! Thanks so much!

Btw, great choice of airport to the Fly Out!

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I can book this flight?

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@Renan with British Airways 10

@Henrique_Chen with KLM 820

@ZzboslikezZ with Emirates 385

@Tiago_777 with Air France 165

Have a good flight!


Helo @JPC, book me the flight TG941 ( NZAA- VTBS)…

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Thanks @JPC 🤝🏻
In a little while i start my long haul ✈

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