05R at Heathrow?

I’m sorry if this is some kind of pilot error by me, but I was just minding my business, flying a F-22 near and around Heathrow, when for some reason when I requested a visual approach on any runway, I got a response saying ‘05R’ instead of ‘09R’ or ‘27R’ . Please, Inform me if this is already known, or just something that’s normal,

(This is on training sever)

This isn’t a pilot error at all. Before I continue, could I just ask where you were departing from?

Oh, I just departed from a Airbase north from Heathrow. RAF Northolt to be precise.

In that case it looks like it’s just a bug then. I believe the staff are aware of this issue and might be working on a fix. As always, no timelines are given, but it should come once it’s ready.

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Alright, thanks!

You could still land 05R… it would just be a bit bumpy


There actually used to be a runway 5 at Heathrow! It closed down sometime around 2003. There wasn’t a parallel runway though

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