05NOV23: The Fort Lauderdale Flyout

any long hauls i could take?

There is an Azul flight down to Belem

I will take ASA to SEA then please

I would go to pdx but for some reason PDX isn’t 3D :((((

I’ll get you down

i’ll take that!

Sure thing.

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come on man pwease can we trade?🥺

hey @MrGoatX you want this?

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can i get this

yes i just replied 😭😭
we can share

I’ll take this one please!

Off to Portland 🏔️

Can I get f7 to boston

Guess I’m going with this again, but if the new banana A320 comes out can I switch to it?

You all have been added

@DJW there are a bunch of other airlines that operate to RDU, I can sign you up for a different airline

then Jetblue or Breeze if they operate

I’ll get you down

Hello! Can I get gate E08. Flair 737-800 to Toronto?

Sure thing.