05NOV23: The Fort Lauderdale Flyout


Welcome to the Fort Lauderdale Flyout hosted by @Butter575. Fort Lauderdale is situated just north of Miami and is a big hub for airlines such as JetBlue and Spirit. With this being one of my favorite Florida cities, I decided to create a flyout at its main international airport at KFLL. Join me as I fill up Fort Lauderdale!

Event Specifics

Airport: KFLL
Server: Expert
Date: 05NOV23


A Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
A03 Southwest 737-700 New Orleans @im_APdude
A04 Frontier A320 Cleveland
A05 BahamasAir 737-700 Nassau @KhamaniAviationYT
A06 Southwest 737-700 Grand Cayman
A07 Silver Q400 Key West
B Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
B01A Southwest 737-700 Punta Cana
B02A Southwest 737-800 San Juan
B02 Southwest 737-700 Tampa @RapidpilotKB
B04 Southwest 737-800 Denver @AviatorGriffYT
B05 Southwest 737-700 Kansas City
B06 Southwest 737-800 Pittsburgh
B07 Southwest 737-800 Houston
B08 Southwest 737-800 Havana @MANDELA
B09 Southwest 737-700 Washington National
C Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
C01 United 737-800 San Francisco
C02 United A320 Newark
C03 United 737-800 Washington
C04 United 737-800 Chicago @Andy_Garrett
C05 Allegiant A320 Louisville
C06 Allegiant A320 Syracuse
C07 Allegiant A320 Bentonville
C08 Alaska 737-900 Seattle @Prestoni
C09 Alaska 737-900 Portland @RagonDragon
D Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
D01 Delta 757-200 Atlanta @Javery_Mclean
D02 Delta A321 La Guardia @Wonderousbuilder641
D03 Westjet 737-800 Toronto @Zhopkins
D05 Air Canada A330-300 Montreal @TheCanadianPilot
D06 Delta A321 Los Angeles
D07 Delta 737-900 New York
D08 Delta 737-800 Boston @Skyline_AV
D09 Delta A321 Detroit
E Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
E01 American 737-800 Dallas Fort Worth
E02 JetBlue A320 Raleigh-Durham @DJW
E03 American A321 Charlotte
E04 JetBlue BCS3 Jacksonville @United403
E05 American A321 Philadelphia @Ryan_15
E06 JetBlue A320 Raleigh-Durham
E07 American 737-800 Dallas Fort Worth
E08 Flair 737-800 Toronto @Samtheboss_1
E09 Sun Country 737-800 Minneapolis @Mort
E10 Avelo 737-800 New Haven
F Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
F01 JetBlue A320 San Juan
F02 Spirit A321 San Juan
F03 JetBlue A321 Los Angeles
F04 Spirit A321 Boston
F05 JetBlue A320 Salt Lake City
F06 Spirit A321 Houston
F07 JetBlue A320 Boston @Jetblue1269
F08 Spirit A321 Punta Cana
F09 JetBlue A320 Providence
F10 JetBlue A320 Las Vegas @HDS_Host
G Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
G01 Caribbean 737-800 Port of Spain @AirCanada11
G02 Spirit A321 Sint Maarten @Jay003
G03 Spirit A321 Reserved for: @Spirit_Virtual // @Matt
G04 Spirit A321 Reserved for: @Spirit_Virtual
G05 Spirit A321 Reserved for: @Spirit_Virtual
G06 Spirit A321 Reserved for: @Spirit_Virtual
G09 Copa Airlines 737-800 Panama City
G10 Avianca A320 Bogota
G11 Azul A330-900 Campinas
G12 Spirit A320 Cali @NonStopsAviation
G13 Azul A320 Belem @IF.Kaden
G14 Norse 787-9 Gatwick @PhorzaSky


Frequency Controller
Atis: @Butter575
Ground: @Butter575
Tower: @Butter575


  • I am not responsible for violations
  • Follow ATC instructions
  • Use proper SIDS (Provided in ATIS)
  • Act professionally

Thank you @Spirit_Virtual for sponsoring this event. Be sure to go check out their thread linked below!

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to mci on a -700 please

This but to Houston-IAH on an A320

Correction… Can I take the Azul A339

All three of you have been added

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This please

I’ll get you down

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I’ll take this but to Berlin

They don’t operate to Berlin but they do to Gatwick

Oh yes then i’ll take it to Gatwick please must of been looking at a different route 😅

No no, give it to me lol jk

If it’s possible, could I do this flight out of G13?

Unfortunately there aren’t any more gates in the (realistic) terminal that can hold a 787

Sad. Guess I can park in a hardstand

you forgot to change it to Kansas City : )

Oh sorry, didn’t see that

Sounds good.

If possible could I have the same as @United403 if not I will take Alaska to SEA

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You can spawn in at a remote stand but there are no more available spots to hold the A339 in the terminal
Also there is AS to PDX

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Ille take this!

I’ll get you signed up