05NOV20 / 1030Z - Exploring the African Continent! @HAAB - DNMM

Exploring the desert regions of Africa! A medium-haul flight from Addis Ababa - Lagos!

Server: Expert Server

Airport: HAAB, Addis Ababa International Airport

Time: 10:30 zulu

Aircraft: Infinite Flight Livery (B777-200ER)

Route On A Map:

Flight Time: 5 hours, 03 minutes
Fuel Required: Use the link below (the amount required will change based on the aircraft type).

Gates:- We will all spawn around the Cargo Gates (in the gate assigned below). We might add more gates if the demand increases.

Gate Number IFC Username
Cargo 1 @aryachopra
Cargo 2
Cargo 3
Cargo 4
Cargo 5

Runway in Use: Check ATIS & ATC

Taxi & Take Off In Addis Ababa:
Follow ATC instructions.


Name of Information Value or Answer
Cruise 35,000 ft
Cruise Speed Mach 0.85
Speed till 10,000 ft 240 knots
Speed till 20,000 ft 270 knots
Speed till 28,000 ft 290 knots
Speed till cruise Mach 0.85

Copy FPL from me (@aryachopra)
If there is an aircraft at the designated gate already, change to another cargo gate.
Listen to ATC and follow rules in HAAB & DNMM.
No gate allocation in DNMM as it will be a busy airport (HUB).
Check out my YouTube Channel:

I’ll take Cargo 2 in the DHL 777F, please!

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Sign up now!

Is the time 1340Z (from the title) or 1030Z from the thread?

@Ethan_Lee1 Sorry, do you have a preference. Ill change it so you can come.

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Unfortunately I can’t join (30 mins from mid-night) But have a good flight!

Can you join at 10:30 Z?

Still too late (last calculation was 1030Z) :(

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