05MAY23 | 2200Z | The Great Cinco De Mayo Flyout| MMMX

Hello all, join me and my great friends @JMacMcd and @Wonderousbuilder641 as we Flyout of the capital of Mexico and celebrate Cinco De Mayo!

Date and Time: May 5, 2023 2200Z-0030Z
Airport: MMMX
Server: Expert

  1. It’s the most populated city in the Western Hemisphere.
  2. Mexico was named after Mexico City.
  3. There are over 180 museums – the second-highest number in the world (after London)
  4. It’s the oldest capital in the Americas.
  5. It has a sprawling public transport system.
  6. Cinco De Mayo commemorates Mexico’s unexpected victory over France in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862

    Terminal 1:
Gate Destination Airline/Livery Aircraft Pilot Flight Time Callsign
Gate 01 Cozumel (MMCZ) Aeromexico(Connect) E190 1:00
Gate 02 Tapachula(MMTP) Aeromexico B737-800 1:15
Gate 03 San Luis Potosi(MMSP) Aeromexico(Connect) E190 0:55
Gate 04 Tampico(MMTM) Aeromexico(Connect) E190 0:50
Gate 05 Acapulco(MMAA) Aeromexico(Connect) E190 0:50
Gate 06 Merida(MMMD) Aeromexico B737-700 1:20
Gate 07 Mexicali(MMML) Aeromexico B737-800 3:00
Gate 08 Tijuana(MMTJ) Aeromexico B737-800 3:15
Gate 09 Oaxaca(MMOX) Aeromexico(Connect) E190 0:55
Gate 10 Chihuahua(MMCU) Aeromexico B737-800 2:05
Gate 11 Mazatlan(MMMZ) Aeromexico B737-800 1:35
Gate 12 Guadalajara(MMGL) Aeromexico B737-800 1:25
Gate 13 Monterrey(MMMY) Aeromexico B737-800 2:00
Gate 14 Montreal(CYUL) Air Canada A321 4:50
Gate 15 Toronto(CYYZ) Air Canada B737 4:15
Gate 16 Tokyo-Narita(RJAA) ANA B787-9 14:25
Gate 17 Cancun(MMUN) Aeromexico B737-800 1:45
Gate 18 Santiago de Chile(SCEL) LAN B767 7:50
Gate 20 Puerto Vallarta(MMPR) Aeromexico B737-800 1:50
Gate 21 Los Cabos(MMSD) Aeromexico B737-700 1:40
Gate 22 Frankfurt(EDDF) Lufthansa-2018 B747-8 10:35
Gate 23 London(EGLL) British Airways B787-9 10:20
Gate 24 Paris(LFPG) Air France B777-300 10:20
Gate 25 Barcelona(LEBL) Emirates B777-300 10:25
Gate 26 Culiacan(MMCL) VivaAerobus A320 1:35
Gate 27 Monterrey(MMMY) VivaAerobus A320 2:00
Gate 28 Puerto Vallarta(MMPR) VivaAerobus A320 1:50
Gate 29 Los Cabos(MMSD) VivaAerobus A320 1:40
Gate 30 Tuxtla Gutierrez(MMTG) VivaAerobus A320 1:35
Gate 31A Amsterdam(EHAM) KLM B787-9 10:10
Gate 33 Madrid(LEMD) Iberia A350 10:20
Gate 34 Guadalajara(MMGL) Volaris A319 1:25
Gate 35 Cancun(MMUN) Volaris A319 1:45
Gate 36 La Paz(MMLP) Volaris A319 2:30

Terminal 2:

Gate Destination Airline/Livery Aircraft Pilot Flight Time Callsign
Gate 52 Chicago(KORD) United A320 2:20
Gate 53 Dallas(KDFW) American B737-800 2:45
Gate 54 Lima(SPJC) Aeromexico B737-800 6:35
Gate 55A São Paulo(SBGR) Aeromexico B787-9 9:35
Gate 57 Los Angeles(KLAX) Aeromexico B737-800 4:20
Gate 58A Ezeiza(SAEZ) Aeromexico B787-8 8:30
Gate 59 Miami(KMIA) American B737-800 3:10
Gate 60 Atlanta(KATL) Delta B757 3:20
Gate 61 Washington(KIAD) United A320 4:15
Gate 62 New York(KJFK) Aeromexico B737-800 4:30
Gate 63 Santo Domingo(MDSD) Aeromexico(Connect) E190 4:20
Gate 64 Guatemala City(MGGT) Aeromexico B737-800 1:45
Gate 65 Managua(MNMG) Aeromexico(Connect) E190 2:35
Gate 66 Quito(SEQM) Aeromexico B737-800 4:25
Gate 67 San Antonio(KSAT) Aeromexico(Connect) E190 1:55
Gate 68 Vancouver(CYVR) Aeromexico B737-800 6:15
Gate 69 Havana(MUHA) VivaAerobus A320 2:45
Gate 70 El Salvador(MSLP) Avianca A320 1:40
Gate 71 Panama City(MPTO) Copa B737-800 3:00
Gate 72 San Jose(MROC) Avianca A320 2:25
Gate 73 Medellin(SKRG) Avianca A320 3:55
Gate 74 Bogota(SKBO) Avianca A320 4:20

Remote Stands

Gate Destination Airline/Livery Aircraft Pilot Flight Time Callsign
Remote Stand S01 CL35 Torrance
Remote Stand S02 Available CL35 Sugar Land
Remote Stand S03 Available
Remote Stand S04 Available
Remote Stand S05 Available
Remote Stand S06 Available
Remote Stand S07 Available
Remote Stand S08 Available
North Remote Stand 37 Available
North Remote Stand 38 Available
North Remote Stand 39A Available
East Remote Stand 48 Available
East Remote Stand 49 Available
East Remote Stand 50A Available
Aeromar Remote Stand T01 Available
Aeromar Remote Stand T02 Available
Aeromar Remote Stand T03 Available
Aeromar Remote Stand T04 Available
Aeromar Remote Stand T05 Available
Aeromar Remote Stand T06 Available
Aeromar Remote Stand T07 Available
Aeromar Remote Stand T08 Available
Aeromar Remote Stand T09 Available
Remote Stand 75 Available
Remote Stand 76 Available
Remote Stand 77 Available
Remote Stand 78 Available
Remote Stand 79 Available
Remote Stand 80 Available
Remote Stand 81 Available
Aeromexico Connect Remote Stand 82 Available Aeromexico Connect
Aeromexico Connect Remote Stand 83 Available Aeromexico Connect
Aeromexico Connect Remote Stand 84 Available Aeromexico Connect
Aeromexico Connect Remote Stand 85 Available Aeromexico Connect

Cargo Apron:

Gate Destination Airline/Livery Aircraft Pilot Flight Time Callsign
Cargo Apron 41A Louisville(KSDF) UPS A330F 3:20
Cargo Apron 43 Luxembourg(ELLX) Cargolux B747-8F 9:55
Cargo Apron 44 Cincinnati(KCVG) DHL B777F 3:15
Cargo Apron 45 Guadalajara(MMGL) Lufthansa B777F 1:00
Cargo Apron 46A Huntsville(KHSV) Atlas Air B747-400 2:30

Military Apron

Gate Destination Airline/Livery Aircraft Pilot Flight Time Callsign
Naval Infantry Hangar Available Military
Military Hangar 1 Chihuahua(MMCU) Generic TBM-930 2:40
Military Hangar 2 Available Military
Military Hangar 3 Available Military
Military Hangar 4 Available Military
Federal Police 01 Available Military
Federal Police 02 Available Military

Mexico Center:

  1. Me and the event hosts are NOT held responsible for any violations given out during this event
  2. If ATC is unable to staff this event, please use Unicom correctly
  3. If IFATC is present, follow ALL instructions

Uh I Don’t remember agreeing to co-host this but whatev’

I’ll take this pls

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You’re signed up! Wait…, I forgot to ask you 💀

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This but to Chicago same aircraft

Hippity hoppity, your gate to Chicago is now your property!

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Sorry about that

It’s all good, do you want a gate?

CL35 NetJets to Torrance (KTOA)

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Awww, man! I REALLY wish I could come, but I’m only Grade 1, so can’t get onto the Expert Server… I’m pretty close to advancing though!

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Hippty hoppity enjoy your flight to Torrance that is now your property.

this please

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Can I have london please

Hippity hoppy, your flight to the Kings Home is now your property

Destination: KSGR (Sugar Land, TX)
Aircraft: CL35
2hrs & 15min

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Sound great, thanks for signing up!

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Event bump

Can you please change the plane to 737-800

Sure thing!

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