05MAR22 / 0830Z - The short northern route @ EFHK

Group flight EFHK-RJAA over the North Pole

When times get tough the creativity kicks in.

Even we are today in a shock of the madness happening around us, the light will win the dark and peace will come.

Join me for a long groupflight to Japan over the North Pole. Departure 0830Z at EFHK. Copy flight plan from me, I spawn in about 30mins before departure.

As always on Expert Server:
Respect other pilots and stay professional.
If ATC is active, please follow instructions.

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Yees, I will join. The short northern route to Asia just got a bit longer. The flight plan looks crazy.

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Great to have you there. Pack enough fuel with ya. 😅

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I will… 1 h 20 mins for pushback

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Pushback in 5 mins :)

Thanks @flyaway78 and @AntonFI for joining in :)
I’ll be at FL 33, Mach 0.88 when cruise.
Enjoy your flights!

Hope I can fly all the way but might have to go out so sorry if I drop out of flight ⛩✈️

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Few more hours left… phew.

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