05MAR Alaska A320 Send Off @KSEA

ill take this gate please, and thank you

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I have got you down for 1x gate N2!

Looks like I’ll need to get more gates!

Sponsor Acquired: Alaska Virtual

further details in main post

image borrowed from the Alaska Virtual main topic


Insert a real unique and exciting event bump here

10 more gates have been added due to the low number left

I shall be the one to occupy this gate and fill in the blank spot in what will hopefully be another beautiful lineup.

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Alright I’ve got you signed up for N3!

Let’s get some more signups! Tons of gates remain for what feels like a very looked over aircraft in Alaska’s fleet!

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event bump

Virgin please?

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I have got you signed up for 1x Virgin A320!

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that sounds so weird idk why

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Event bump

N12 vacant

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bump of the event