05JUN21 / 2000Z - Welcome to the Theme Park Capital of the World! @ KMCO [FINISHED]

Welcome to my very first organized fly-in event on the forum! This fly-in ranges from short-haul flights to 14 hour long hauls into other continents! I hope you guys enjoy the event and have fun!

Welcome to Orlando International Airport (ICAO: KMCO, IATA: MCO)! Located Southeast of Downtown Orlando, MCO (formerly known as McCoy Air Force Base) is the busiest airport in Florida and the 10th busiest in the United States. MCO used to be an air force base and is designated as an emergency location for Kennedy Space Center as it has close proximity, in the event a spacecraft falls short of Kennedy Space Center.

The Airport serves 44 airlines and has 135 nonstop destinations internationally and domestically, a hub for Silver Airways, and a focus city for Frontier Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and JetBlue. MCO is having most international service beyond the North and South American continent up again within the next few months, including Dubai, Manchester, London, and Frankfurt. The busiest route domestically is to Atlanta, Georgia, and the busiest route internationally is to London Gatwick (in 2019). Southwest Airlines serves the most passengers at the airport, with 8.34M passengers from June 2019 to May 2020.

MCO also serves 6 cargo carriers, going to 23 destinations for cargo.

MCO has 2 terminals, and 4 airsides, 2 for each terminal. There is one airside for each corner, and transported to and from each airside to the main terminal is by a tram.

There is a 1.8 billion dollar project in the works that was approved on May 15th in 2015, where a new terminal will be built a mile south of where the current terminal is right now at Orlando. The building began in 2017 and is expected to be operational by the end of the year.

More Information about MCO:

Server: Expert
Airport: KMCO
Arrival Time: 2021-06-05T20:00:00Z
IFATC is not yet confirmed for the event.

Depart around the assigned time for the listed flight to arrive with everyone else.
Please park at the assigned airside and gate area upon arrival.
You may take any aircraft of the airline you wish.

Terminal A
Airside 1 (NW)

GATES 01-09

Departure Airport Airline Takeoff Time (UTC) Pilot
New York City (KJFK) JetBlue 17:30
San Juan (TJSJ) JetBlue 17:00 @Deathsix
Boston (KBOS) JetBlue 17:00
Newark (KEWR) JetBlue 17:30
Buffalo (KBUF) JetBlue 17:00 @MJP_27
Washington D.C (KDCA) JetBlue 17:30 @Colderco
Los Angeles (KLAX) JetBlue 14:00
Austin (KAUS) JetBlue 17:00

GATES 10-17

Departure Airport Airline Takeoff Time (UTC) Pilot
San Juan (TJSJ) Frontier Airlines 17:00 @Nightt
St. Louis (KSTL) Frontier Airlines 17:30
Phoenix (KPHX) Frontier Airlines 15:00
Denver (KDEN) Frontier Airlines 16:00
Providence (KPVD) Frontier Airlines 17:00
Trenton (KTTN) Frontier Airlines 17:30
San Jose (MROC) Frontier Airlines 16:30
San Antonio (KSAT) Frontier Airlines 17:00

GATES 20-28

Departure Airport Airline Takeoff Time (UTC) Pilot
San Juan (TJSJ) Spirit Airlines 17:00
St. Louis (KSTL) Spirit Airlines 17:30
Fort Lauderdale (KFLL) Spirit Airlines 18:50
Philadelphia (KPHL) Spirit Airlines 17:30
Dallas (KDFW) Spirit Airlines 17:00
Houston (KIAH) Spirit Airlines 17:30
Baltimore (KBWI) Spirit Airlines 17:45 @Da-la_nay
Chicago (KORD) Spirit Airlines 17:00
Airside 2 (NE)

GATES 111-112

Departure Airport Airline Takeoff Time (UTC) Pilot
Seattle (KSEA) Alaska Airlines 13:30
Portland (KPDX) Alaska Airlines 13:30

GATES 101-129

Departure Airport Airline Takeoff Time (UTC) Pilot
Chicago (KMDW) Southwest Airlines 17:00
Baltimore (KBWI) Southwest Airlines 17:45 @airplaneboi
San Juan (TJSJ) Southwest Airlines 17:00 @Crcoli737
St. Louis (KSTL) Southwest Airlines 17:30 @Udeme_Ekpo
Dallas (KDAL) Southwest Airlines 17:30
Houston (KHOU) Southwest Airlines 17:30 @SWA1997
Nashville (KBNA) Southwest Airlines 18:00
Pittsburgh (KPIT) Southwest Airlines 17:30
Atlanta (KATL) Southwest Airlines 18:10
Denver (KDEN) Southwest Airlines 16:00 @Nick17
Indianapolis (KIND) Southwest Airlines 17:30
Austin (KAUS) Southwest Airlines 17:00
Milwaukee (KMKE) Southwest Airlines 17:00
Phoenix (KPHX) Southwest Airlines 15:00
New Orleans (KMSY) Southwest Airlines 18:00
Oakland (KOAK) Southwest Airlines 14:00
Washington D.C Southwest Airlines 17:30
Norfolk (KORF) Southwest Airlines 18:00
Islip (KISP) Southwest Airlines 17:30
Minneapolis (KMSP) Southwest Airlines 17:00
Terminal B
Airside 3 (SW)

GATES 40-48

Departure Airport Airline Takeoff Time (UTC) Pilot
Chicago (KORD) United Airlines 17:00
Washington D.C (KIAD) United Airlines 18:00
Newark (KEWR) United Airlines 17:30
Cleveland (KCLE) United Airlines 17:30
Houston (KIAH) United Airlines 17:20
Denver (KDEN) United Airlines 15:45
Los Angeles (KLAX) United Airlines 14:00
San Fransisco (KSFO) United Airlines 14:00

GATES 50-58

Departure Airport Airline Takeoff Time (UTC) Pilot
Dallas (KDFW) American Airlines 17:00 @zion89
Chicago (KORD) American Airlines 17:00 @plane_guy12
Charlotte (KCLT) American Airlines 18:00 @nativetoalaska
Miami (KMIA) American Airlines 19:00 @bbrockairbus
Los Angeles (KLAX) American Airlines 14:00
Washington D.C (KDCA) American Airlines 17:30
Philadelphia (KPHL) American Airlines 18:00 @nyim_glenn
Austin (KAUS) American Airlines 17:00
New York City (KLGA) American Airlines 17:30
Airside 4 (SE)

GATES 71-78

Departure Airport Airline Takeoff Time (UTC) Pilot
Atlanta (KATL) Delta Airlines 18:10
Boston (KBOS) Delta Airlines 17:00
Los Angeles (KLAX) Delta Airlines 14:00
Salt Lake City (KSLC) Delta Airlines 15:00 @Tharealjaay
Minneapolis (KMSP) Delta Airlines 17:00
Detroit (KDTW) Delta Airlines 17:30
New York City (KJFK) Delta Airlines 17:30
Seattle (KSEA) Delta Airlines 13:30

GATES 80-97

Departure Airport Airline Takeoff Time (UTC) Pilot
Dublin (EIDW) Aer Lingus 11:30
Manchester (EGCC) Aer Lingus 11:15
Mexico City (MMMX) Aeromexico 16:30 @HumbertoCanepa
Bogota (SKBO) Avianca 16:00
London (EGLL) British Airways 11:30
London (EGKK) British Airways 11:30
Dubai (OMDB) Emirates 5:45
Zurich (LSZH) Swiss International Airlines 11:00
Frankfurt (EDDF) Lufthansa 10:30
Reykjavik (BIRK) IcelandAir 12:30 @WRL_Kubica
Honolulu (PHNL) Hawaiian Airlines 9:30
London (EGLL) Virgin Atlantic 11:30
Manchester (EGCC) Virgin Atlantic 11:15
Vancouver (CYVR) WestJet 13:30
Panama City (MPTO) Copa Airlines 16:15
Toronto (CYYZ) Air Canada 17:00 @corgi_doodle
São Paulo (SBGR) LATAM 11:30 @Pimpo_Arg
Brasilia (SBBR) GOL 11:30
Cargo Aprons

FedEx Cargo Aprons 02-06

Departure Airport Airline Takeoff Time (UTC) Pilot
Greensboro ( KGSO) FedEx 18:20
Memphis (KMEM) FedEx 18:00
Indianapolis (KIND) FedEx 17:30
Tallahassee (KTLH) FedEx Feeder 18:30
Memphis (KMEM) FedEx 18:00

West Cargo Apron 01-03

Departure Airport Airline Takeoff Time (UTC) Pilot
Cincinnati (KCVG) DHL Aviation 18:00
Louisville (KSDF) UPS 18:00
Los Angeles (KLAX) Kalitta Air (Generic 747-400) 14:00

If IFATC is present, you are to listen and follow every instruction they give you. I will not be responsible for violations you may receive.
If IFATC is not present, please maintain special awareness when flying into the airport and on the ground, and have good communication with fellow pilots.
Use FPLtoIF, Simbrief or other IF third-party websites for better experiences when flying.
Maintain good spacing with planes behind and in front of you.
Please park at the correct gate area upon arrival.
Most importantly, have fun!

This was my very first organized fly-in on the IFC forum. Please tell me what you guys think, and as always, please tell me if I made any mistakes! I tried my best to follow realistic airport procedures.


I’ll take this…but what plane is it?

Can I have this gate

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@bbrockairbus You have been signed up to fly into Orlando from Miami! Have fun, and thanks for joining!

You may take any American Airlines Aircraft you wish. I recommend using Flightaware so you can get the aircraft they use in the real route

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@zion89 You have been signed up to fly in to Orlando from Dallas! Thanks for joining the event, and have fun!


Ill take this one!

Thank you @Smile760981

Can I have a Silver airlines route? (KFLL → KMCO)

For one, the unofficial MCO realism police (me) approves, and for two, could I get this gate?

Anyway if you could add a gate for JetBlue from Buffalo? A320 please.


Yeah, since it is not a listed assignment, you may fly it without having to get signed up or asking me.

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@Nightt You have been signed up onboard Frontier Airlines to fly in from San Juan! Thanks for joining the event, and have fun!

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@nativetoalaska You have been signed up to fly in from Charlotte onboard American Airlines! Thanks for joining the event, and have fun!

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@MJP_27 You have been signed up to fly in from Buffalo to Orlando onboard JetBlue! Thanks for joining the event, and have fun!

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Can I have Aeromexico to Mexico City please?

@HumbertoCanepa You have been signed up from Mexico City to Orlando onboard Aeromexico! Thanks for joining the event, and have fun!

Oh, and also, welcome to the Infinite Flight Community!

I will take this departing city. My hometown Thank You

@Udeme_Ekpo You have been signed up to Orlando from St. Louis onboard Southwest Airlines! Thanks for joining the event, and have fun!

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Can I get Southwest from Denver please?