05JUN21 / 1500Z - Gem of The Middle East @ OLBA

I’ll have this one please !

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@ST-ART @Mayank_Pawar

Two great choices, you’re both signed up!


|23|London Heathrow|EGLL|Etihad|777-300ER|4h 30m

Unfortunately that is not a real route operated by Etihad. I can give you that route either with the MEA A321 or BA A321 if you wish

BA A321 please

Okay, which wave would you prefer to attend?

Wave 1 please

You’re signed up!

Can I take this one please, wave 2

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What a shame, all the flights to Iraq have been taken
Is it possible if you can add a flight to Amman though? It seems as though there isn’t one going there and it is one of the more popular destinations from Beirut. I can take that, don’t mind what airline and most likely it doesn’t matter which wave I will be at. If this isn’t possible, then thats fine, but Im asking jic

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I can add an extra gate to an Iraqi airport if you wish, just let me know which one!

If you would like a gate to Amman I could also do that for you, either in the Turkish A332F as a cargo flight or the MEA A321. The Royal Jordanian A320 is also an option, but that is the generic livery of course. It’s up to you!

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Wait really? Thats great then, can fly to Baghdad with Iraqi Airways, doesn’t matter which aircraft, if possible in wave 2.
Also, add a flight to Amman if possible, not for me. I can almost guarantee that it will be requested very soon. Thanks for the options

Sure, @Ahmed1. Given you a gate to Baghdad in the Iraqi Airways CRJ-900, see you there!

@Lachlanavitor The long flight to Casablanca is all yours, enjoy!

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Thanks so much, see you there

I edited the airport recently
It’s really nice to see someone hosting an event at OLBA!
I won’t be able to join unfortunately but I’m happy to see people flying to/from OLBA

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Recommended route:

Stuck for ideas?

Arguably the most scenic destination of them all from Beirut, Yerevan is a perfect 2hr route in the MEA A321 if you are unsure what to fly. The Capital of Armenia sits just north of Mount Ararat which as mentioned before, provides some of the most breath-taking scenery you will ever see. As a destination I have flown to a couple of times myself, I would thoroughly recommend this one!

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05 Abu Dhabi OMAA Etihad Airways A321-200 3h 00m

Can I have this please?

You sure can, see you there!

|08|Cairo|HECA|Middle East Airlines|A321-200|1h 00m|

Can I have this instead please…?
sorry the second wave seems to be holding good traffic for spotting :)

Just changed it now, see you there

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