05JAN21 / 1600Z - Long weekend @ LOWI

Group flight EFHK-LOWI

Welcome to my third group flight at IFC. We flew previously from Helsinki to Rovaniemi and Copenhagen. Now its time to head to Innsbrück for a long weekend.

Join me for a group flight on Expert server at 1600zulu. No separate registrations needed, just spawn in at EFHK latest 1555zulu. Copy flight plan from me (@Pilot_Aaltonen). I’ll be parked at gate 28 and looking forward to see you there.

As always on Expert Server:
Respect other pilots and stay professional.
If ATC is active, please follow instructions.


I suggest you move it to the other topic or it will most likely be closed.

Thanks for prompting. I noticed it went under General first.
Now fixed.

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No Problem!, Good Luck on your flight!

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Flight plan is ready to be copied ;)

I am coming 😅


FL34, Mach 0.78 to be aligned, lets maintain spacing 10NM as minimum. @Finnishboy you can lead, then @AntonFI. I’ll be the last one to take off in case others decide join in.

Last call for pilots from EFHK to LOWI ;)