05JAN21 / 0300Z - Air New Zealand Group Flight @ NZAA-YSSY

Event Specifics

Aircraft: B787-9
Livery: Air New Zealand
Time of Departure: 2021-01-05T03:00:00Z
Server: Casual

I will be spawning at remove stand 84W, NZAA.

This is my road to grade 2 event!

Additional Information:


You can either copy my FLP or customize, I am not good at making FLP
Please be here 15 minutes earlier.

This is my first groupflight and I am very new to IF so it’s like an exploration for me, so please bear with me if I did something wrong…

Please let me know if you’d like to attend. Thanks!


Who does on casual man
Use expert

Sorry but I’m new and I really want a groupflight :( I’m nearly to grade 2 so I can use training, road to grade 2

Hey can you change the Title?

Already changed

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Thanks for those edits, I’m very sorry

Just fixed that, no worries.

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Thanks, So sorry for that…

No worries, making mistakes is good in some cases

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Group flights are able to utilize all servers. You’re not limited to ES or TS as some users are limited to one server and are trying to gain more on their piloting skills.


Thanks! Really appreciate your understanding.

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No worries! Enjoy your flight! Would definitely help you out but I’ll be busy at the time of the event

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It is his groupflight, he can choose the server. Like he said, he is new and is only Grade 2 so he cannot access Expert Server. Don’t got to be so condescending just because he choose a server instead of Expert. If he wants to use CS let him use CS, there is no problem with that! Besides, if you don’t agree with the choice of server and are not interested don’t say anything. Can’t see everything from one perspective, got to be able to be flexible.


It’s ok! I’ll make more events in the future :)

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Thanks man appreciated it!

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Really wish I could come but we would arrive at one in the morning my time

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oh rip, I’ll make sure its earlier next time! Or I can try again tomorrow if no one is able to attend. Thanks man!

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I would be happy to fly with you tomorrow anytime after 2021-01-05T19:30:00Z

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it’s 8am for me I’m not sure if I can do it sorry :( but there definitely will be a time that suits both of us! I’ll do a shorter route!

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I am available to fly with u bud

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Thanks! The event will start in 1 hour :) r u good at FLP? Can I copy urs lol