05FEB22 / 1700Z - IFC TL3's Present: Hakodate Circuit @Hokkaido

Welcome to 2022! The Infinite Flight Community has always been a place for large, group events that bring all Infinite Flight pilots together. With a whole year ahead of us, the TL3 group has been leading the charge for a new set of monthly events that will truly represent what the community stands for.

This month’s event takes us to the northern island of Japan, Hokkaido. During the summer, the island is known for the wonderful hiking conditions that the cool winds bring, but during the winter, Hokkaido is known for ski tourism and hundreds of centimeters of snow each winter.

Though formal events are often seen in the community, we all need to let down our hair every once in a while and have some fun. The flight takes us around the perimeter of Sapporo in the corresponding aircraft. With your team of 5 pilots, there is only one goal: get to the finish as fast as possible.

2013 brought record amounts of snow to Sapporo. What was the total annual snowfall for that year?

  • 478cm
  • 334cm
  • 628cm
  • 512cm

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Each team will consist of five pilots, each flying one leg of the flight. Go grab some friends, and send a message down below to be added to the team!



Team Number Pilot 1 - RJCH → RJCK (A-10) Pilot 2 - RJCK → RJEB (F-16) Pilot 3 - RJEB → RJER (F-14) Pilot 4 - RJER → RJCO (F-22) Pilot 5 - RJCO → RJCH (F-18)
1 @Pingu @Rhys_V @Kamryn @Thunderbolt
2 @Tsumia @IF787 @SB110 @LordWizrak @Z-Tube
3 @nOthing2seehere @Scott.Cooper @Chillin907 @Ritesh321

More teams will be added as more teams sign up.


  1. The arriving team aircraft must touch down on the runway before the first aircraft can begin its takeoff roll.

  2. Any corners cut over the island will result in disqualification.

  3. Each leg must be flown with its corresponding aircraft.

  4. Have fun!

Failure to follow instructions will result in disqualification.

Event Specifics

Server: Casual
Aircraft: Any
Livery: Any


Leg 1: RJCH → RJCK
Leg 2: RJCK → RJEB
Leg 3: RJEB → RJER
Leg 4: RJER → RJCO
Leg 5: RJCA → RJCH

When you think you’ve reached the limit, you only push it further away.


I wasn’t told I was going to be teammates with @Rhys_V…looks like we’re losing this one.


Team 2 is ready to roll!

Team Number Pilot 1 - RJCH → RJCK (A-10) Pilot 2 - RJCK → RJEB (F-16) Pilot 3 - RJEB → RJER (F-14) Pilot 4 - RJER → RJCO (F-22) Pilot 5 - RJCO → RJCH (F-18)
2 @Tsumia @IF787 @SB110 @LordWizrak @Z-Tube

Battle of the better Asian I suppose @Kamryn.


emotional damage 😁

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Make sure to let your barber know that.

Super neat event, folks! I’m looking forward to partaking. #beatkamryn #iamnotlettingbloborkamrynwin #letsgobacklitphots


Sounds fun, ill ask my JAL virtual staff 👀

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How Does one sign up again?

Collect a team of 5 pilots and send a message down below. I’ll add you to the list once you’re ready.

@SB110 added! Best of luck.

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Sure I’ll join

I’m literally IF’s best pilot, no doubt we’ll win.

also lol never knew I’m the only non-regular in that group

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So we are flying around the islands ??

Yes, that would be correct. I’ll release a more detailed routing closer to the event date.

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If anyone is interested in this event, our team is still looking for 3 pilots (A-10 & F/A-18 (& a back-up if possible). Currently we have;
@Chillin907 (F-14) [Me]
@Scott.Cooper (F-16)
@Ritesh321 (F-22)
PM me if you’re interested


I’ll add you all to the list momentarily, let me know if you get any other pilots.

Sounds great, thank you.

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Just wanted to make sure you noticed the change between @Scott.Cooper (F-16) &
@Ritesh321 (F-22)
(Agreed to swap planes)

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Sorry for the delay, fixed!

As a heads up to all pilots, you can now sign up even without an established team. You will be added to a team of random pilots.

Thanks, great to hear! I’m still recruiting and may have the positions filled by Thursday.

do you think I could join your team? I’m not a hundred percent sure il be able to attend so il let you know