05FEB21 / 2000Z - Now That's A Long Haul! @ WSSS-KEWR

Longest Commercial Flight In The World

Singapore Airlines (SQ22) | 🇸🇬 Singapore Changi (SIN/WSSS) - Newark Liberty (EWR/KEWR) 🇺🇸

About The Event

Hello, and welcome to this event, we’re we’ll be flying the longest commercial flight in the world, Singapore Airlines’ ultra-long-haul on the Airbus A350-900 from Singapore Changi Airport (SIN/WSSS) to Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR/KEWR). We’ll depart Singapore to the north, fly up over Asia, crossing the artic circle just shy of the North Pole, through Canada, just before entering US airspace ans begin descent into New York. Bring lots of fuel for this one, the flight will last up to 18 and a half hours!


Server: Expert
Departure Date & Time: 052000ZFEB21 | 2021-02-05T20:00:00Z
Airline: Singapore Airlines
Aircraft Type: Airbus A350-900
Departure Airport: Singapore Changi (SIN/WSSS)
Departure City: Singapore
Departure Country: … you guessed it… Singapore
Arrival Airport: Newark Liberty (EWR/KEWR)
Arrival City: New York
Arrival Country: United States Of America
Estimated Flight Time: 18h:00m

Gates & Attending Pilots

Note that if you are going to use the callsign ‘Singapore 22’, please use the callsign on your gate with the additional suffix letter. This is so we don’t end up with loads of Singapore 22s. If you don’t want to use Singapore 22, you are more than welcome to use a different callsign of course!

Departure Gate (WSSS) Pilot Suggested Callsign (you may use any callsign ,just a suggestion)
A1 @InfiniteFlightDeck Singapore 22A
A2 @Pingu Singapore 22B
A3 @LongHaulGuy Singapore 22C
A4 @KTJ_Mitchell Singapore 22D
A5 @The_Real_Plane_Spott Singapore 22E
A6 @Declan_Mcgee Singapore 22F
A7 @Spencer_Clark Singapore 22G
A8 @tjb0709 Singapore 22H
A9 @El_YuainXD Singapore 22J
A10 @Texan Singapore 22K
A11 @Ballio Singapore 22L
A12 @Leron_Gundlur Singapore 22M
A13 @champagnepapi Singapore 22N
A14 @Icengelbre Singapore 22P
A15 @MainSky Singapore 22Q
A16 @samory167 Singapore 22R
A17 @tunamkol Singapore 22S
A18 @lew1s_h02 Singapore 22T
A19 @Liam_Gardener Singapore 22U
A20 Singapore 22V
A21 @Jesse0409 Singapore 22X

More will be added if needed


An event PM will be sent 7 days before the event. NOTAMS, weather, and other flight information will be sent 3 hours before the event .

  • If IFATC are present, follow all instructions. If there is no IFATC, respect UNICOM.
  • I am not responsible for an level 1, 2, or 3 violations you may receive during the event.
  • Please follow all speed, altitude, and routing instructions in the event PM. However, as said, always follow IFATC instruction and they should take full priority.
  • Don’t crash
  • Have fun

Poll - only vote if you would like to attend

This is a long flight and most of us will be likely to be stepping away from our devices, and even sleeping, including myself. Should we still try step climbs? Note that I have tested it, and it works fine with no step climbs. It could get messy if only a few people do the step climbs or vice versa. Of course step climbs would help though…

  • Yes, of course we should!
  • No, I don’t want to wake up…

0 voters

*decision made. Step climbs will not take place. As said, I did test that and it does work.


I’ll take a gate as All Nippon 4VA.

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Gate A3 please. Also just want to confirm 2 things:
1: We depart Friday and Arrive Sunday
2: We arrive 9 AM EST
If those are confirmed I will join.

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I’ll sign you up if the time works out.

We’ll depart Friday 2000Z (15:00 EST I think), and arrive on Saturday at 1400Z (09:00 EST I think).

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Sounds good and my bad on the typo, I meant Saturday haha.

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I did think that would be a typo. That would be an ultra ultra long haul! I’ll sign you up.

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I’ll sign up please! A3 or A4

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I’ll sign you up!

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One last thing, can you like a week before the event tag me (and the other people if they want to) so I can remember to attend?

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Yeah sure, it would origionally have been 24 hours prior, but actually a week would probably be better.

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Which server?

Expert server, sorry. I forgot to add that to the post. I’ll add it

This looks like an amazing event! May I have this gate please? I will just use my IFC callsign

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I’ll take a gate!

Also this flight now flies to JFK 😉

I’ll sign you up.

Does it? Never knew that!


Hi! I’ll join with A7 👍🏼

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A8 gate for me please

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I’ll sign you up

Oh and I’ll sign you up too!

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Can I have this Gate please?

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