05DEC2020 / 1600Z - Into the Arctic! With Norwegian Virtual @ ENGM - ENTC

Into The Arctic! Oslo to Tromsø with Norwegian Virtual!

Hey everyone, and welcome to Norwegian Virtual’s very first event! This route will begin in Norway’s capital and Norwegian Airlines largest hub and we will fly way up north to one of northernmost airports in the world: Tromso. We hope you join and have a fun time as we fly through the beautiful country and do the steep approach into a beautiful northern city as shown in the picture above!

Let me tell you a little about us at Norwegian Virtual first!

Norwegian was ranked the best low cost carrier in Europe this year, and have been he worlds best low-cost long-haul airline in the world. We even operate very new aircraft. The 787-9 and -8 for long haul routes and the 737-800 for short and medium haul. The average fleet age for Norwegian is only 4.6 years!

We in Norwegian are passionate about aviation and the Scandinavian countries. We want to share knowledge and have a good and fun time in Infinite Flight. At Norwegian we put fun and professionalism first. And we do things together, not alone.
You’ve seen us take off, and now is your chance to climb with us. It just makes everything easy, it’s fun and simple all the way around.

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Event Details

Aircraft: B737-800
Livery: Norwegian Airlines
Departing Airport: ENGM (Oslo)
Arrival Airport: ENTC (Tromsø)
Flight Time: 1:45 minutes
Server: Expert

Departure Date and Time


How do I sign up?

Simple! Just let us know you would like a gate, tell us your call sign, and we’ll mark you down and give you a spot!

|Gate |Callsign| Pilot Username|
|09|Nor Shuttle 02VA|@Pilot_Dan1|-|
|10|N7SHI| @Sharan.Somayaji |-|
|11|Nor Shuttle 03VA| @Pilot_Waters |-|
|12|Nor Shuttle 777VA| @Elefanths |-|
|13|M - CEL| @Marcel001 |-|
|14|Nor Shuttle 4| @AZ001 |-|
|15|Nor Shuttle 5|@Airliner|-|
|16|Nor Shuttle 9| @Captainflight |-|
|18|Nor Shuttle 6| @Captain_Awerty |-|
|20|Nor shuttle 7| @Hardlanding_Hussain|-|
|22|Nor shuttle 56VA| @Nicolas_Dejoy |-|
|24|Speedbird 395VA| @Cpt.TC |-|
|26|Nor Shuttle 142| @contrailer |-|
|28|Nor Shuttle 8| @Syed_Hashim_Raza |-|
|60| | |

(will add more if necessary)

Tromso is a beautiful airport surrounded by beautiful Norwegian Mountains! Due to terrain near the airport, the approach into the airport is quite steep with a vertical speed of -1000 or greater. This makes the approach difficult and fun to do!

The day before the event, we will create a PM with all the people who have signed up. In the PM, we will give everyone flight details including: cruising altitude, runway in use, flight plan, etc.
Thanks for taking the time to view our event! we hope you will join us!

airport diagrams

Take a look at this link: https://vau.aero/navdb/chart/ENGM.pdf

Oslo "Gardermoen" Airport (ENGM)


*we will give you a call sign if you don’t reply with one that you prefer


Sign me up!

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Of course!

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I’ll take a gate.


Thanks for joining


Also, just a heads up, the scenery in Tromso is flat as it is above 60 degrees north.


Yes, but we talk about the view of the landscape


I’ll take a gate! The event looks great 😉


Great! We’ve signed you up. Thanks for joining

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Sign me up! I am not super sure I can, but can you set me up and I will reply if something comes up :)

Edit: Forgott callsign :/ Nor Shuttle 777VA


Sign me up please! My callsign is M-CEL, but it could be changed till that time!


Sign me up too! If you don’t mind, can you put me on Standby, just in case something comes up. My callsign will be N7SH. Thanks again:)

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Can you ease sign me up?

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@Elefanths great! Just let us know if you can’t make it!

@Marcel001 ok! You’ve been signed up

@Sharan.Somayaji thanks for joining

@AZ001 sure! Thanks for coming along


Sign me up!


Just a small typo there :p

Great thread!

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It should be “Sign up” and not “Sing up” right?

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Yea lol 😂

Thanks for joining

Hello, can i join?

I would like "book! any gate, Callsing: Norshuttle 139.

Thank you and have a nice day-