05AUG22/12:00Z "Cape Town mayhem!" - 3rd Monthly event @ FACT with @IFWorldwideYT and @RickysAviation

No worries at all :) Look forward to seeing you!

Hi, I flew to FACT and landed at the event started too, about 3 hours more, is this okay? Don’t worry if I don’t get the gates, I’ll wait

I’m looking forward to this!

Thanks for putting on this event!

Will it be live-streamed?


Yessir!! Me too!

Please bear in mind the event is now 3hours earlier lmao

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that’s still fine lmao

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are u gonna make another stream

i won’t be able to make it then :(

Crap. I guess i missed it lol

@mildredAV could I change my aircraft to a CRJ 200 as otherwise its unrealistic

@mildredAV im so sorry I wasn’t able to make it, I tried my best to wake up as early as possible but I literally just got up :(

AHH didn’t make it too

Oof I didn’t make it sorry guys :(