05AUG22/12:00Z "Cape Town mayhem!" - 3rd Monthly event @ FACT with @IFWorldwideYT and @RickysAviation

Hello everyone, welcome back to the third monthly event! These monthly events are part of a series of events that happen every month, hosted by me and @RickysAviationYT ! Join us for the third one as we take to the skies from the gorgeous southern-most tip of Africa - Cape Town! We are letting you lot pick the routes for this one, so enjoy!


Airport Information

Airport: Cape Town International Airport [FACT]

Date and Time: 2022-08-05T12:00:00Z2022-08-05T13:00:00Z


Gate Assignments

⬇️ Terminal 1 - 0 Gates Remaining

Gates Destination Aircraft Airline IFC Name
A03 Johannesburg 3D B737-800 South African @RickysAviationYT
A04 Istanbul 3D B787-9 Turkish @FlyAndCrash
A05 Newark B777-300ER United @AviatorXhollo
A06 Newark B787-9 United Airlines @Harrison_EGLL
A07 Addis Ababa 3D A350-900 Ethiopian @JetTheAviator
A09 Johannesburg 3D B737-800 Kenyan Airways @Jack_Dh
A10 Durban 3D B737-800 South African @IFWorldwideYT
A11 St. Helena 3D B737-800 South African Airways @CaptainCameronYT
A12 Nairobi 3D B737-800 Kenya Airways @the_ding

⬇️ Terminal 2 - 1 Gates remaining!

Gates Destination Aircraft Airline IFC Name
A13 Durban 3D B737-800 South African @Southwest_2115
A14 Durban 3D B737-800 South African @YoussefAviaton
A15 Johannesburg 3D CRJ-200 South African @Aviation_J_YT
A16 Durban 3D B737-800 South African @Danny_Bar2.0
A17 Pilot Choice CRJ-200 South African

⬇️ Terminal 3 - 0 Gates remaining!

Gates Destination Aircraft Airline IFC Name
C01 Port Elizabeth B737-800 South African @Butter575
C02 King Shaka Intl 3D B737-800 South African @Captain_Perry
C03 Durban 3D B737-800 Comair @Grizzly.Saahir
C04 Johannesburg 3D B737-800 South African @PHMEL
C05 Durban 3D B737-800 Comair @flyboy

⬇️ Remote Stands - 0 Gates Remaining

Gates Destination Aircraft Airline IFC Name
B29 Luanda 3D B737-700 TAAG Angola @RyMan
B26 Luanda 3D B737-700 TAAG Angola @CaptainGeneral1
B23 Georgetown B737-800 Comair @Se.Mal_aviation
B20 Kigali 3D A330-300 RwandAir @yenier_Rodriguez
B17 Johannesburg 3D A330-300 South African @J7_DTS
B13 Durban 3D B7378-800 South African @TridentAviationYT
B11 Manila A350-900 Philipines @FELPS07_ARAGAO
B08 Johannesburg 3D A330-300 South African @lhr_pilot
B05 St Helena 3D B737-800 Comair @AndrewGraham
B02 New York (JFK) A330-900 Delta @Ty_Davis

If you would like to change your destination/aircraft, please DO NOT DM me, instead reply with the new aircraft/destination of your choice


For ATC Frequency(s) booking, please contact me through PM or comment under the post!

| Atis | Ground | Tower | Departure | Centre |
| — | — | — | — |
| @AVMEX | @AVMEX | @AVMEX | | @JSRibs28 |


  • Make sure to spawn in 10-15 mins prior to departure. Pushbacks will begin upon the event begining, make sure to spawn at correct gates as to avoid altercations.

  • If ATC is not present, make sure to use UNICOM proffesionaly and follow all rules of ATC server

  • Make sure to use ATC properly and BE PATIENT with ATC

  • Maintain Proffesionalism and realism at all times

  • We DO NOT take responsibility for any violations. You may try and appeal by messaging @appeals

  • Any arrivals MUST abide by Approach/Tower/ATC Rules at all times

Social Medias

Hey everyone! I will be streaming this event!, make sure to join in on YouTube and check out my socials here:

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Creator: @IFWorldwideYT

Graphic Design: @IFWorldwideYT

Gate Table: @RickysAviationYT

Event Banner: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Tourism-g1722390-Cape_Town_Western_Cape-Vacations.html

Presented By: @IFWorldwideYT & @RickysAviationYT

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Come join me and @RickysAviationYT for this fun event! I will be live-streaming this on my channel, so make sure to come say hi!


may i take this? i can not promise that i’ll come though


Ofc! You’re all booked up bro :)

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Hey! Can i take A11? Destination will be St Helena if you need that

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Can I take The Addis Ababa A07 flight?

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@CaptainCameronYT @JetTheAviator you’re all signed up!

May i take the doha flight A04

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Looks like a really fun event! I will take this one please! :)

My birthday is the day this is on but I don’t have expert

there is plenty of time as this is in august

No I got a bio that ends in December

hey there, i think tridentaviaton asked for it 1hr b4 you

i’m not IFWW or ricky so idek what to do about that but just saying

prob cause you might be on a different location then i am so the date is different

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What do you mean?

i’m in the US and this is what it shows for me

time may be different for you though

Look at my profile I also am a Us citizen

in settings —> profile is your time zone set to one of the america times? for you since you’re in florida, your time zone would be America/New_York

Can I have a flight to Newark with a United B78X please?

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Of course! You’re all booked up ;)