05AUG21 / 2030Z - Group Flight @ KLAX - KDEN

We will be flying from KLAX to KDEN. You can spawn in terminal 2 gates. I will have a flight plan ready for copy. It will not have vnav so you will have to manually descend, but I will tell you when to descend on the forum thread. I will load in around 10 minutes early.

Aircraft: Airbus a321, American

Route: KLAX - KDEN

Time: 2000Z, 1PM PST

Server: Expert (if you want training sever, just ask:)

My call sign is SUPA. If you want to come, leave a comment down below. See you then.

T-minus 1 hour.

Moving this to 2030Z. That is 1:30 PST.

Anyone coming?

T-minus 30 minutes.

Ill do this if we can go to KJFK

Hello I can do this how long

It is 2 hours.

Sorry, but jfk is too long

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Can I do the America’s 757

Sure thing! I’ll do that too!

Is it in 2 hours or the flight is 2 hours

I want to do one more flight so I picked this one because today is me birthday

Flight is 2 hours. It is in 15 minutes.

Our start is 15 minutes from now.

BTW, happy birthday.

Ok we can do expert because I did an overnight flight and I got to grade 3 OMBD-JFK

Thank You so much

Congrats on expert.

Thank you it was hard