05APR21 / 0600Z - GA Day by Infinite Flight: Mozambique Channel

Our newest event turns to the very edges of the African continent this week. Mozambique, Madagascar, Comoros, and more, all host this event, and the countries are very much up to the task. With volcanoes, mountains, jungle, and coral reefs, the area offers a lot of bang for your buck.

The host locations form a connection across the Mozambique Channel, so you’ll see staff and moderators out and about island hopping from one side to another. We also suggest flights over the stunning Madagascar landscape, a beautiful island rising high into the African sky!

Event Details

This event in on the Expert Server and will last 24 hours. We hope you take full advantage of these events to practice important aspects of general aviation flying on Infinite Flight. This event allows you to practice on the reworked C172, XCub, and TBM-930, whilst also flying the C208 and SR22 aircraft alongside the Spitfire and P38.

Airport ICAO Frequencies Location
FMMT Tower, Approach Toamasina
FMNN Tower Nosy
FMNM Tower, Approach Mahajanga Amborovy
FMCZ ATIS, Tower Dzaoudzi Pamandzi
FMCI Tower Moheli
FMCH Tower, Approach Moroni
FQPB Tower Pemba
FQNC Ground, Tower, Approach Nacala
Event Specifics

Server: Any
Aircraft: C172, C208, SR22, XCub, Spitfire, P38 and TBM aircraft ONLY
Livery: Any

Begin - Monday 5th April @ 06:00 ZULU

End - Tuesday 6th April @ 06:00 ZULU

April 5, 2021April 6, 2021

NOTAMs Pattern work at ATC discretion. No commercial aircraft permitted at event airports. C172, C208, SR22, XCub, Spitfire, P38, and TBM aircraft only at all hub airports. Failure to adhere to TFR will result in ATC report.

So, post your best screenshots on Instagram or Twitter and tag us for a chance to have one featured on our social media pages. Simply tag us using @infiniteflight, or use hashtags #infiniteflight and #GADay. We look forward to seeing all your amazing photos!

Tips from the User Guide!

Visual Flight Rules (VFR) are a set of regulations that must be followed by pilots when operating an aircraft visually; and specifically, in Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC).

Flights conducted under VFR can only be operated if the weather conditions are suitable. This means the pilot must be able to:

1) navigate visually;

2) and ‘see & avoid’ obstacles such as terrain and other aircraft


Africa 😍😍 so amazing 🙌🏼


Now this is a region I’m interested in 👀

Great choice, Misha! I’m definitely gonna be very busy with flying here!


Oh wow, beautiful choice!

Are you sure you didnt get this straight from MSFS? This looks like a spectacular improvement!

Not even joking if you didnt have a picture of the ground and made a new/different livery I wouldn’t believe that this was the C208 in game.


Ooooh very unique location…looking forward to it…


Looking like a TBM flight with Skipper, Kowalski, Private, and Rico as pax with a couple bags of Cheezy dibbles for snacks.

“Smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave…”


Stunning thread !

new textures looking noice!


I agree they are looking 👌

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I can’t wait for event!

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Looks great!

Looks outstanding! I’m going to take this opportunity to fly GA again.

So glad I took PTO tomorrow. I can’t wait!

Yup yes yup, I am comin to GA day

super happy africa is getting more attention :))

The NOTAMS are somewhat more specific this time, not surprising after the last “GA” day in the Caribbean! 😉

Might get a couple of patterns in at one of the airports tomorrow morning before I head out for my first PPL flight in the afternoon ✈️

Very interesting region!

Can’t wait to explore the region tomorrow! Thanks Misha and co.

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