| 05 DEC 2023 | 1600Z Erfurt-Weimar Flyout!

Hello and welcome everyone!!

The 5th of December is my birthday!!! So to celebrate this (and the fact that my airport is becoming a new airline) I’ve hosted an event at my home airport, Erfurt-Weimar EDDE.
It’s a international airport, with airlines like…

Corendon, Condor, Sundair, BHair, EasyJet, FedEx, Since 1st April 2024 Eurowings, Skyup airlines, a lot of charter companies, private operators and military operations.
EDDE got a lot of rare aircraft since its opening in 1925, back then it was called ETEF (until 1989) it got a lot president aircraft, rare military aircraft and rare planes like the Maddog 80,
A350, A340 and military aircraft from all around the world.

Corona was very hard for the airport, but it returned to regular service of about 20 to 30 aircraft every week, transporting more than 250000 passengers a year, and becoming more than 400 aircraft a year. It actually got nice plane spotting spots and is kid friendly. The Air bistro is the restaurant of the airport.

Now, a little bit of facts about the city it is serving, Erfurt.

Erfurt holds many records, such as the biggest populated bridge in Europe, the tastiest sausage called Bratwurst, the popular Klößchen, the biggest flower bed in Europe and many more.
It’s in the center of Germany, this is why Erfurt is sometimes called Deutschlands grünes Herz.
It got a populations of about 215000 civilians and you got a great living quality.

Sad fact: Erfurt-Weimar or EDDE is not very popular, to be honest, it’s very underrated and unpopular in aviation, although it’s a nice airport.

Fun fact: EDDE is becoming more and more airlines.


History: Erfurt-Weimar was first opened 1925 in the region Roten berg, today called Bindersleben. Back then, it was a typical civilian airport back then with 2 hangers, a small parking space and a dirt strip. 1939 it was converted into a military base for multiple jagdgeschwaders.
After 1949, it was a Soviet air base and from 1956 until 1989 it was a civilian airport for Interflug.
After 1989, it was converted into a international airport, and since sometime in the 2000s it’s name was converted to Erfurt-Weimar.

Neighbor airports: Flugplatz Arnstadt-Alkersleben(EDBA), Flugplatz Sömmerda-Dermsdorf(EDBS), Flugplatz Gotha-Ost(EDEG), Flugplatz Eisenach-Kindel(EDEG) Flugplatz Weimar-Umpferstedt(EDOU) and Flughafen Leipzig/Halle(EDDP)

Let’s go on with the event informations.

Server: Expert
Time: 1600Z until 2200Z
Airport: EDDE Erfurt-Weimar

You can choose what aircraft you use, but apron 02 gate 01 to 04 are GA and are only piper cub to CL35, apron 1 gate 21 to 41 are GA and airline (biggest aircraft allowed is the a350), terminal B gate 51 to 62 are airline only (biggest aircraft allowed is the 767) but please tell your gate so people spawning at the same gate can be avoided

You can also choose what ATC you want to be.

A lot of thanks for flying and have fun!!!

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Oops, sorry that I forgot the event create function, I added it now.

Very cool. I’ve been to Erfurt several times so it holds a special place for me. Hope it works out for me to join.

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Thank you, now good night everyone!

I have school this day, i can’t attempt, sorry

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It’s okay

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Happy IFC birthday man 😎

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Condor A320 to Gran Canaria

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Bump! We need more people signed up

Bump again!

If you’d like ATC, I would be happy do control for you all.

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