04OCT20 / 1900Z JetBlue LGB Tribute @ KLGB [Completed]

JETBLUE LGB TRIBUTE - Long Beach Airport

Summary: Long Beach Airport is a public airport three miles northeast of downtown Long Beach, in Los Angeles County, California, United States. It was formerly called Daugherty Field. The airport is currently an operating base for JetBlue, but it will close on October 6 as the carrier will move its operating base to LAX.

Server: Expert Server

Airport: KLGB

Time: 03OCT20 / 1900Z or 2020-10-04T19:00:00Z

Sigh. Yes, I did make this flyout because this wednesday JetBlue is officially moving to LAX. Now, I have never flown in or out of LGB before, and I haven’t flown JetBlue either, but it makes me pretty sad that LGB wont be the same again. If you look on flight connections, there are barely even any routes. Even though Southwest is a very good airline, it sucks to see them completely take over another small airport. Anyway, enjoy this flyout, cause it wont be the same again. 😭


Commercial Wave 1:

Gate Callsign Aircraft Livery Destination Pilot
01 Southwest 1774 737-700 Southwest - Heart Oakland(KOAK)
02 Southwest 2186 737-800 Southwest - Heart Sacramento(KSMF) @IF_Josh
03 Southwest 2498 737-700 Southwest - Heart Phoenix(KPHX)
04 Skywest 3736 E170 Delta Air Lines Salt Lake City(KSLC)
05 Envoy 5736 CRJ-900 American Eagle Phoenix(KPHX)
06 JetBlue 42 A320-200 JetBlue Reno(KRNO)
07 JetBlue 10 A320-200 JetBlue Bozeman(KBZN) @LHardy64
08 JetBlue 1416 A320-200 JetBlue Austin(KAUS)
09 JetBlue 944 A320-200 JetBlue Fort Lauderdale(KFLL)
10 JetBlue 514 A320-200 JetBlue New York(KJFK) @KBUR_Aviation
11 Hawaiian 69 767-300 Hawaiian Airlines Honolulu(PHNL) @DeltaFox

Commercial Wave 2:

Gate Callsign Aircraft Livery Destination Pilot
01 Southwest 1522 737-700 Southwest - Canyon Blue Denver(KDEN)
02 JetBlue 1007 A320-200 JetBlue Seattle(KSEA)
03 JetBlue 307 A320-200 JetBlue Washington D.C.(KIAD)
04 JetBlue 2136 A320-200 JetBlue San Francisco(KSFO) @Shafran
05 JetBlue 504 A320-200 JetBlue Boston(KBOS)
06 JetBlue 1121 A320-200 JetBlue Portland(KPDX)
07 JetBlue 725 A320-200 JetBlue San Jose(KSJC)
08 JetBlue 266 A320-200 JetBlue Sacramento(KSMF)
09 JetBlue 282 A320-200 JetBlue Las Vegas(KLAS)
10 JetBlue 232 A320-200 JetBlue Salt Lake City(KSLC)
11 JetBlue 242 A320-200 JetBlue Oakland(KOAK)


CARGO UPS Aircraft Livery Destination Pilot
CARGO UPS 01 757-200 UPS Rockford(KRFD)
CARGO UPS 02 A330-200F UPS Louisville(KSDF)
CARGO UPS 03 A330-200F UPS Colombia(KCAE)


Parking Aircraft Livery Destination Pilot
FBO GULFSTREAM 01 Citation X Private 4 Houston(KHOU)
FBO GULFSTREAM 02 737-700BBJ Private 1 Teterboro(KTEB)
FBO GULFSTREAM 03 Citation X Private 6 Sacramento(KSAC)
GA SW01 Cessna 172 Default Santa Rosa(KSTS)
GA SW02 Cessna 172 F-HATZ Carlsbad(KCRQ)
GA SW 03 Cessna 172 Default Camarillo(KCMA) @GameBoy_KIRB
GA N01 Cessna 172 N1322K Van Nuys(KVNY)

Yes, Hawaiian 69 is the flight number. I did not make it up. Thank you for understanding.

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Event Sequel(Not Mine): 11OCT20 / 1500Z - JetBlue, Welcome To Los Angeles! @KLAX - #10 by KBUR_Aviation

Video this Event: JetBlue LGB Tribute Flyout - YouTube


Yes this is FINALLY on expert!

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Any C17 flights?

I would totally sign up but I already have 2 events on this day, sorry.

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Just a head’s up, the 767 is too big for Gate 1, and in real life, the A321neo for Hawaiian uses Gate 11/12. I’d suggest moving Southwest to 1-3, Delta to 4, and American to 5 for optimal realism.


Can I take FBO GULFSTREAM 2, but in a 737BBJ? Thanks!

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Can I get a C172 to KSTS?

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Yep. That’ll be quite a long flight though lol

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what “gate” do u want?

GASW01 please!

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Ok. All signed up

i- smh lol


I’ll fly a Southwest 737-700 to OAK please

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All signed up 👍

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Thank you sir

I’m going to JFK. If you want this flight I would be happy to switch!

I’m currently at LGB rn. If anyone wants to join me for a little preview for this flyout then u can join me. I’m flying in a JetBlue A320 to JFK

Anyone else want to sign up?