04MAY21/1800Z - Ohrid IFATC takeover [FINISHED]

Welcome to the Ohrid IFATC Takeover!

IFATC members will staff the following frequencies from 2021-05-04T18:00:00Z to 2021-05-04T20:00:00Z on the Expert server:

Join us and enjoy the beautiful approach above the Lake Ohrid in Northern Macedonia with full ATC service!


We recommend you to fly the Wizz Air A320/A321 from Vienna (LOWW) with a flight time of 1:20h!
You can also fly to/from other Wizz Air destinations: Milan Malpensa, Memmingen, Basel, Dortmund, London Luton or Malmo.

Wizz Air Virtual pilots will get a 1.5x multiplier for flying into Ohrid today! If you’re interested in joining, you can learn more about the VA here: Wizzair Virtual | Wizz Through The Skies | Official Thread


The largest aircraft allowed into Ohrid is the A321/B737.
No pattern work allowed.

Arrival procedures

Runway 02 is used for arrivals. You can request either ILS or visual approach for runway 02 and the approach controller will provide you with vectors all the way to final. You can expect an arrival from the north above the airport and then a beautiful approach above the Lake Ohrid with a short 8 mile final.

Departure procedures

Runway 20 is used for departures. After takeoff do not exceed 190kts, fly runway heading until 3500ft and then make a left turn towards the airport. Once you’re above the airport, you can increase your speed and proceed to your destination.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!


I’m in. Can’t wait. Just applied for whizz air VA too. Buzziiing


Wow amazing! 😍

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I will probably not have time to attend today, but I can only recommend everyone to join, as the approach into Ohrid is a stunner with the mountains and the lake!
Great to see it featured under the new ATC system :)


amazing event, I will do the LOWW - LWOH route with the Wizz A321, thanks! 😉


Finally some coverage in our region


Yes, we’ll be trying to open interesting unknown airports like this with the new ATC system!

We’re opening in 2 hours, can’t wait to see you all!


What time you heading out of LOWW? I’ll be at Pier West gate C34 whizz air A321

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@Dunkiolo I will take off from LOWW at 1700Z

👍🏻, awesome, but It’s 17;00 my time now soo… 1 hr? Or two?

Ignore me, 1 hr c u there 👍🏻

i’m going to 17:00 Zulu time

We’re starting in 1 hour, feel free to depart for your flights!

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What’s the flight time,I’d like to join too!

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We’re now open for 2 hours. See you there!

the flight time from the LOWW - LWOH route is 1:07

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I’ve just departed from Vienna and the Sunset with the new clouds is Gorgeous!😍 See y’all soon look out for my Butter Landing I’m WizzAir 028

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I’m about halfway there from Vienna. Callsign WizzAir 2825

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Silky smooth, overshot the exit a touch though ✈️

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I have you on my Radar.

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