04MAR23 / 1700Z - The Big Apple Flyout @KLGA, KJFK, KEWR

767 will most likely be reworked after the A380

Yeah, that’s stupid that they did the A380. It’s not even a popular aircraft anymore and the 767 is just so much more universal. Plus, now the 767 fans will have to wait forever since the A380 will take forever obv bc of its size.

I agree. The 767 needed to be reworked before the A380. The A380 is going to take a while with how much work it needs.

Hey guys! Please select the airport you’ll be flying in or out of tomorrow. This is not required but it is highly recommended you do select an option. This will kinda give us a gist of how busy each airport will be. Excited for the event tomorrow guys!

  • Newark
  • LaGuardia
  • JFk

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-sad Newark noises-

@Generic_Flyer check again Duck Man

I’ll be flying into JFK before it actually starts then I’ll being flying out of LGA

@Magician @ArgentinePilot This maybe useful for you guys tomorrow.

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Give Newark some luv people

I will be coming in from either Hong Kong or Doha tomorrow morning into JFK

I mean some people might still wanna fly the A380, you’ll never know. I know I wouldn’t fly one because it’s just not really interesting especially with the lack of liveries

I will be arriving from Vienna and then will head to Los Angeles

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Will take this position

I agree with Ken. Some airlines are renown for their A380 usage, and the A380 has many interesting routes!

Are you apart of IFATC? I see you only joined the IFC like an hour ago, so that is why I am asking you.

Hey will there be vectors bc I have 2 hours of fuel extra on board I will be landing in 13 hours and 20 minutes

I don’t know what you mean and also pls can I be ground for newark pls

prob depends on the traffic. i am assuming ur flying to JFK since ur doing a long haul so i would ask @ArgentinePilot since he will be controlling JFK tomorrow

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infinite flight Air traffic control