04JUN22 / 1900Z - Japan Airlines Virtual Opening Event!

Japan Airlines Virtual Opening Event

Hey there IFC! Japan Airlines Virtual has just been approved, and we are ready for our first event! We have decided to use Tokyo Handea (HND/RJTT) as our first event airport! This event is themed around JALVA specifically, so only expect to see our flights as the gate options. We hope you guys enjoy the event and the new VA as well!


Here at JALVA, we strive for the best possible experience for our pilots. Our extensive fleet provides a flight hour-based rank system, setting up a structure for you to build your way up to longer flights, and more aircraft. Please join us in our adventure throughout Japan and gain a virtual experience like no other. You can apply here.

Domestic Gates
(Gate) (Airline) (Plane) (Destination) (Pilot)
1 JAL 737-800 NGO
2 JAL 737-800 KIX
3 JAL 737-800 KMQ
4 JAL E190* GAJ
5 JAL 737-800 AXT
6 JAL 737-800 AOJ @Flightmeme05
7 JAL 737-800 OBO
8 JAL 737-800 ASJ
9 JAL A350-900 ITM
10 JAL 767-300* IZO
11 JAL A350-900 CTS @Neel_306
12 JAL 777-200 FUK @anon28705166
13 JAL 767-300* HIJ @AK_Infinite_flight
14 JAL 767-300* ISG
15 JAL A350-900 OKA @EAviation
16 JAL 767-300* MMY
17 JAL 737-800 OIT
18 JAL 737-800 ISJ
19 JAL 737-800 KOJ
20 JAL 737-800 KKJ
21 JAL 737-800 SHM
22 JAL 737-800 KUH
23 JAL 737-800 AKJ
24 JAL 737-800 HKD

Remote Gates (Reserved for Aeromexico Virtual)

(Gate) (Airline) (Plane) (Destination) (Pilot)
305 JAL 777-200ER FUK @FN60fps
315 JAL 777-200ER FUK @MiglMicheal
304 JAL 777-200ER FUK @CaptainAli_yt
314 JAL 777-200ER FUK
303 JAL 777-200ER FUK
313 JAL 777-200ER FUK
International Gates
(Gate) (Airline) (Plane) (Destination) (Pilot)
105 JAL 787-9 HKG @the_ding
106 JAL 787-9 SYD @ybtl.aviation
107 JAL 777-300* LAX @Shamalnalluri12
108 JAL 787-9 SFO
109 JAL 787-9 ORD @VVESM4N
110 JAL 777-300* JFK @Dip_Prajapati
111 JAL 787-9 LHR @Manav
112 JAL 787-9 CDG
113 JAL 787-9 DFW @Txweather
114 JAL 787-9 DEL

Here are some charts and maps that should help you out with this event!

Haneda Chart

Domestic Gates


International gates


I would like to bring up a few things that people may be wondering and that should make this event run smooth.

  • The * next to a plane means you would fly it in the generic livery as it has not yet been added to Infinite Flight.

  • We ask that you spawn 10-15 minutes prior to the scheduled event time so that you have plenty of time to prepare for your flight.

  • We are only using Japan Airlines aircraft for this event, so please do not ask to fly another airline here. And yes, that includes codeshares as well.

  • Special thanks to @JSRibs28 For covering Ground, Tower, and ATIS for this event!

See everyone there!


Book for me gate 107 to LAX callsing JAL119

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Sorry change for me JFK pls

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@Dip_Prajapati You’re all signed up! See you there!

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Hey, can you sign me up for gate 15 heading to OKA, thanks.

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All signed up, see you there! @EAviation

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I would like to take gate-11 I will be heading to CTS(Sapporo New Chitose Airport)

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Sure thing, you’re all signed up! See you there! @Neel_306

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Amazing looking event, and congrats. We are happy to be codeshare partners. May we reserve 6 gates on the JAL 777-200ER to Fukuoka? Thank you!

Aeromexico Virtual


Of course, we can add you to remote gates, can I please have the usernames of the pilots that want to fly?

We are unsure yet, but I’ll let you know closer to the event.

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I’ll take this one! Glad to be apart of the server :)


You’re good to go! See you there! @anon28705166

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Let’s get some signups!

Hey! Can i have a gate going to SYD JL51 787. Thanks.

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Sure thing, you’re all signed up. See you there! @ybtl.aviation

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Can I use this gate?
Is it possible to fly with 737-800 if JAL paint is not added by the event?

Yes, you can switch your aircraft with a 737-800 since we do operate that route with a 737 also, i’ll go ahead and sign you up, thanks for joining! - EAviation, CEO

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Can you add some Indian routes?

Hi, thank you for the suggestion, I’m not sure about adding routes, however I will discuss it with my Route Manager and see what he thinks 🙂 - EAviation, CEO