04JUL2021 / 1616Z -> 1739Z - Italian Alps from above, and Greek Sunsets @ LGKR

Good Evening. (from the UK)!

Yesterday I decided to fly down to Corfu @ LGKR, departing London Stansted EGSS at 1500Z (1600BST) , as I was in the understanding that the sun would begin to set as I descend into Greece.
It was surely a sight to behold.

As you may or may not know, I edit my screenshots I take using Adobe Lightroom CC, and I aim to give the screenshots I take a kinda realistic look, as much as possible.
I also take many of my screenshots from the perspective that passengers would see from the wing, however some I cannot resist taking from the exterior. As you shall see 😊

Flight details

  • Server: Expert

  • Date: Sun 04 Jul 2021

  • Time (of Screenshots): 1616Z β†’ 1739Z

  • Callsign / Flight Number: Channex 89RC / LS1489

  • Aircraft: Boeing 737-800

  • Airline / Livery: Jet2

  • Route: London Stansted (EGSS) β†’ Corfu Ioannis Kapodistrias (LGKR)

  • Flight time (in the air): 02h 36m

Description - Photo 1

I always love flying over the Swiss / Italian Alps, especially when the sun is lower down compared to the middle of the day, especially during the summer months too. A sublime view no doubt!

Description - Photo 2

This is the perspective that passengers would be greeted to over the alps, looking towards the east. On the top of my mind I think this would be seat 14A or 15A if you booked onto a 737-800 with a capacity of 189 passengers, like Jet2’s 737-800s

Description - Photo 3

As I get closer to Corfu, the sun begins to set over Pescara, Bari and Brindisi on the eastern coast of Italy. As I turned into Corfu, the view from seat 14A just got a lot better. Landing lights on, flaps set, spoilers set to armed. I’m ready to land.
The last of the days summer light and warmth kisses the hilltops of Corfu, providing a spectacular view, and a screenshot!

I did add on the edit some light to the end of the wing, shining the Jet2 logo, and you may have noticed on the side of the engine too. That’s the reflection of the light coming from the main landing lights

Which one is your favourite?
  • Photo 1
  • Photo 2
  • Photo 3
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This is πŸ”₯

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Why thank you!
Gotta love a sunset in Greece that’s for sure, especially from an aeroplane! πŸ˜βœˆοΈπŸŒ…
Holiday mode βœ…

Hopefully Greece will get added to the UK Governments Green watch list very soon, meaning we can travel there, in real life, not just in Infinite Flight, without the requirement to isolate at all on return