04JAN22 / 1130Z - The Big Island of Sicily @LICC

Have you ever heard something about Sicily?
Sicily is a big island in the south of Italy and it’s the biggest region in Italy. As the region is quite big, 4 airports serve the Island: Palermo, Catania, Trapani and Comiso.
The most particular one is Catania because it’s close to “Etna”: the highest active Volcano in Europe.

Some information about the city of Catania

Server: Expert server

Airport: LICC

Time: 11:30, 04/01/2022


This magnificent airport is just a few kilometers away from Etna and offers magnificent views from touchdowns to takeoff…

It’s quite a big airport and it offers destination to Dubai, Istanbul, London, Madrid, Paris and so on…

The airport is hub for Ryanair, Wizzair and Ita Airways.
If you feel curious and you want to explore this magnificent Island, choose a flight below and see you in Catania!

Gate Airlines Destination Aircraft Pilot
GATE 327 Turkish Airlines Istanbul (LFTM) A321 @HUMVEE
GATE 328 EasyJet London Gatwick (EGKK) A320
GATE 329 Vueling Barcelona A320
GATE 330 Wizz Rome Fiumicino (LIRF) A320
GATE 331 EasyJet Naples (LIRN) A319
GATE 332 Wizz Milan Malpensa A321
STAND 333 Ryanair Malta (LMML) B738
STAND 334 Ryanair Genoa (LIMJ) B738
STAND 335 Wizz Venice (LIPZ) A320
STAND 336 Ryanair Athens (LGAV) B738
STAND 326 Lufthansa Frankfurt (EDDF) A320
STAND 325 Wizz Bucharest (LROP) A321
STAND 324 EasyJet Paris CDG (LFPG) A320
STAND 323 Wizz Dubai (OMDB) A320 @Dinho
STAND 322 Transavia Paris Orly (LFPO) B738
STAND 321 KLM Amsterdam (EHAM) B737
STAND 320 Lufthansa Munich (EDDM) A320
STAND 319 EasyJet Zurich (LSZH) A320
STAND 318 Ryanair Pisa (LIRP) B738
STAND 317 Eurowings Düsseldorf A319 @Finnishboy
STAND 316 Wizz Vienna (LOWW) A321 @anon36470453
STAND 315 Ryanair Madrid (LEMD) B738
STAND 313 Ryanair Rome Fiumicino (LIRF) B738
STAND 312 Eurowings Stuttgart A320
STAND 310 EasyJet Basel (LFSB) A320
STAND 309 Ryanair Eindhoven (EHEH) B738 @MainSky
STAND 306 EasyJet Milan Malpensa (LIMC) A319
STAND 304 Wizz Iasi A320
STAND 301 Ryanair Sofia B738


Frequency Controller

View from the runway


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In other words, you should change the title to 04JAN22 / 1130Z - The Big Island of Sicily

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Thanks, do you know how can I add the gates?

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Ciao, io prendo questo volo:

I’ll take this one, callsign Ryanair 4061. Grazie!

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Perfetto, grazie veramente per la partecipazione!

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@MainSky Ecco

E buon anno!

Anche a te!


Can i have this gate plz

Gate 327 to Istanbul assigned to you! Thanks for joining.

Could I take this flight thanks

There you go! Wizz to DXB is yours. Thanks for joining my first event.

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Could I have Eurowings to EDDL please?

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Sure, there you go! Thanks for joining my first a lot, it means a lot to me. If you want to switch the aircraft to an A320, feel free to ask. SEE YOU IN SICILY!

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Thx! I’ll fly it with the 319 as it’s a VA route for me

Perfect, enjoy your flight 😍

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I’ll land in Catania 15 minutes before the event, flying from Venice in a 738