04FEB22 / Beginning of Spring Event @ ZUCK to ZULS

Traditional Chinese calendar divides a year into 24 solar terms. Lìchūn, Risshun, Ipchun, or Lập xuân is the 1st solar term. It begins when the Sun reaches the celestial longitude of 315° and ends when it reaches the longitude of 330°. It more often refers in particular to the day when the Sun is exactly at the celestial longitude of 315°. In the Gregorian calendar, it usually begins around February 4 and ends around February 18 (February 19 East Asia time). It’s also the beginning of a sexagenary cycle.

Lichun signifies the beginning of spring in East Asian cultures.

  • Server: Expert Server
    Make sure that you are a G3 (or up) pilot!

  • Time: 2023-02-04T11:00:00Z2023-02-04T13:00:00Z

  • Route: ZUCK-ZULS
    Chongqing to Lhasa

  • Expected Flight Time: 2h10min

  • Aircraft:
    B737/A320 Series
    757 OR A330

  • Livery: Air China and China Southern Recommended

Gate Pilot
Gate 301 @Simon_Guo1
Gate 302 @Aviation.Ben
Gate 303 @ces9943
Gate 304 @GeorgeQ
Gate 305 @user472
Gate 306 @CZ2179
Gate 307 @SteveAirched
Gate 308 @JL.Dominic
Gate 309 @CannedPig
Gate 310 @zcy
Gate 311 @XIAOLI
Gate 312 @cz663
Gate 313 @captBob
Gate 314 @starrysky
Gate 315 @Phoebe_Yang
Gate 316 @PSTweeee
Gate 317 @zhuTwentySix
Gate 318 Small Aircraft Reserved Gate
Gate 319 Small Aircraft Reserved Gate
Gate 321 @StevenXu
Gate 360 @hoye_koen
Gate 359 @Anthony_Vo
Gate 358 @calaviation
Gate 357 @ZH9507
Gate 356 Large Aircraft Reserved Gate
Gate 355 Large Aircraft Reserved Gate

We use 2 ways to sign up.

The first and the most recommended:

Click the button above and you will be auto redirected to the form.

After signing up, I will assign you a gate ASAP if you fill the IFC name in correctly.

If you filled the IFC name wrong with a oops, It’s ok, do not sign up again. What you need to do, is to PM me via IFC.

The second way is to reply this thread, if you want to use B757/A330, please note it.

ZUCK GTS: @Simon_Guo1
ZULS Radar: Empty No need for now

Feel free to PM me if you want to be the ATC.

Thanks to the ATCs above for managing traffic!

Special thanks

to @JL.Dominic and @PSTweeee for route preparing!

Don’t forget to get back and check out the NOTAM which will be posted on FEB 04.
Thanks for cooperation!

-Thread prepared by @Simon_Guo1


6 Sign-ups!

Thank you guys for joining.

This is a route I personally fly a lot, the scenery throughout the flight is beautiful.

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Are u a CZVG member?

I previously passed the test of CZVG, but I don’t know whether they have added me in.

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I’ll asign you as IFC because you haven’t joined the discord server of CZVG.
Tell me if you join it and I will change the sign-up way for you. Thanks!

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Seven Sign-ups

As of today, 11 pilots.
Thx for signing up

3 more gates added.

We got 13 pilots

Hello Captains!

As of today, I received 14 sign-ups, thank you all for joining this event and here are the informations you need.

Flight information

Prepared for every planes, for further detailed information, please use Fpltoif.

@ces9943 will post it later


  • Please follow ATC‘s instructions. If you get a violation, you can contact our ATC to ask why:
    ZUCK GTS: @Simon_Guo1
    ZULS GTS: @JSRibs28
    And special thanks to them.

  • We are going to land on a high plateau airport, 高高原机场, which requires you to focus on terrains and your height.

  • @ces9943 is the leader.

  • Show up in your gate at or before 1045Z. We push back at 1050Z.

Thank you for choosing my event, see you in 6 hours!

Any free slot for me? If so, sign me up lol.

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See ya at 1045Z!

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Flight Information

Airport Code ZUCK ZULS
Runway 20L 27R
Flight Plan Copy from CES9943
Flight level 32100
Aircraft A319/A320/A333/B737/B757/E190
Plan distance 940NM
Flight time 2:21
Block fuel 11086 kgs (based on A319)
Climb profile 250/300/78
Cruising speed Mach .80
Descent profile 78/300/250
Passenger count 145 (based on A319)
Cargo weight 4644 kgs (based on A319)


  1. ZULS is a High plateau airport, so watch your speed and AoA when approach
  2. Based on the weather at the beginning of the event, we may have to do visual approach, please make sure you have the ability of carry out a visual approach
  3. If your aircraft is an Airbus, please use flap 3 to land, if it is a Boeing, please use flap full to land
  4. The elevation of ZULS is 11713ft, so turn on the landing light at 21713ft, and below 21712ft speed not higher than 250kts

Which aircraft do you want to use?
We got E170 B737/A320 and B757/A330

A319 would be nice!

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We now have 20 pilots!

Please make sure you have read Notam that I and @CES9943 sent carefully!

For some additional informations, if you find your gate isn’t available for taking, you can use the Reserved Gate which could be found in the gate list.

The event was completed with great success!
Thank you all for joining this event.
My next event will be in July, see ya.

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