04FEB22 / 1020Z - Last Minute to Winter Olympics @ RKSI to ZBAA

Incheon, with a history of more than 1,000 years, has left a profound cultural wealth in the development of the millennium history. Today, As one of the six major metropolitan cities, Incheon hosted the 17th Asian Games and has the largest civil airport in South Korea.

Beijing is an ancient capital full of cultural heritage and passion. As the ancient capital of five dynasties, the huge palace buildings all reflect its glorious history.

Now, the 24th Winter Olympic Games will be held in Beijing soon, and Beijing will become the first double Olympic City in the world. Now, with a 500-mile route connecting the two historic cities, we will travel from Incheon to Beijing, the site of the Winter Olympics, to experience the passion of the Winter Games on a cold winter’s day.

  • Server:
    Expert Server
  • Time:
  • Route:
    RKSI —> ZBAA(Incheon to Beijing)
  • Aircraft/Livery:
    For CZVG:
    A330-300 / CZ
    For other pilots:
    Any aircraft with CA CZ MU livery.

MORE DETAILS WILL BE ANNOUNCED 3 hours before take-off time

All the gates are in this zone.

Gate Pilot Signup ways
109 @GDS111006 CZVG Reserved
111 @Masonjoe CZVG Reserved
113 @icytwist CZVG Reserved
115 @Hetaoke CZVG Reserved
117 @Charlie_Tang CZVG Reserved
119 @lucien CZVG Reserved
121 N/A CZVG Reserved
123 N/A CZVG Reserved
125 N/A CZVG Reserved
127 N/A CZVG Reserved
129 N/A CXVA Reserved
131 N/A CXVA Reserved
132 N/A CXVA Reserved
130 N/A CXVA Reserved
128 N/A CXVA Reserved
126 @Simon_Guo1 IFC Reserved
124 @CannedPig_ZSAM IFC Reserved
122 @StevenFlightZBAA IFC Reserved
118 @weirdo IFC Reserved
114 @SteveSendaris IFC Reserved
112 @WangYaohuan IFC Reserved
110 @2471489713 IFC Reserved
108 @flightspace IFC Reserved
106 @wyh IFC Reserved
104 @AirChina8888C IFC Reserved
102 @XiamenAir8116 IFC Reserved

We use 2 ways to sign up.

The first and the most recommended:

After signing up, I will plan you a gate ASAP if you fill the IFC name in correctly.

If you filled the IFC name wrong with a oops, It’s ok, do not sign up again. What you need to do, is to PM me via IFC.

The second way is to reply this thread with the gate you choose.

If you want to sign up for ATC, PM me at any time.




Would love to join as CXVA member :) I don’t know if I’ll come. I’ll confirm tomorrow btw enent is supposed to be event :)

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I didn’t find the enent. Can you tell me where?

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Here it is


Rgr. hahaha

Sorry I won’t be able to join as something came up Sorry again :(

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okay, it’s nothing matter.

Sorry I can’t come

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OKAY, enjoy your Friday.

Two hours to go!

Here comes the flight info.

FPL: Copy from B-1011V.
Take-off RWY: 34
Landing RWY: To approach ATC instructions

Project Data
Flight Level 321
Plan Distance 530 NM
Flight Time 1:33
Block Fuel 13,856 kgs
V-Speeds (KIAS) V1=117 VR=124 V2=137
V-Speeds are not available with certain aircraft. When using Simbrief Classic, please change plan fomat to JBU
Climb Profile 250/300/82
Descent Profile 80/300/250
Passenger Count 290
Cargo Weight 16,635 kgs


ATC List:
RKSI Local: @black
ZBAA Approach: @CompetitiveDivide320
ZBAA Local: @black

Keep your eyes on the speed while cruising.
Any punishment has nothing to do with the organizers of this event.


In a hour!

Enter your gate 10 min before 1020Z!


thanks for cooperation

Cruising spd changed

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