04FEB22 / 0600Z - Friday Night Flight: Turkish Spotlight

Welcome to this week’s FNF event! As the usual flights take to the Infinite Flight skies this week, we’d like to let you know of some changes coming to our events. In the coming weeks, our team is planning to take a more community-focused approach to our official events. More details will come very soon and we’re excited to breathe new life into our weekly schedule! In the meantime, please enjoy your regularly-scheduled Friday Night Flight!

All servers, all aircraft, and all liveries welcome!

Airport ICAO Airport Name Location
LTFM Istanbul Turkey
LTAI Antalya Turkey
LGAV Athens Greece
OEJN Jeddah Saudi Arabia
LLBG Tel Aviv Israel
URSS Sochi Russia
LSGG Geneva Switzerland
LFPG Paris France


Pattern work at ATC discretion. No local flying to hub airports from nearby airports. GA aircraft permitted at ATC discretion.

There will be no official Infinite Flight stream this week. Tune in to one of your favorite community creators!

Post your best screenshots on Instagram or Twitter and tag us for a chance to have one featured on our social media pages. Simply tag us using @infiniteflight, or use hashtags #infiniteflight and #fridaynightflight. We look forward to seeing all your amazing photos!


Superb FNF hub LTFM. This Airport has best STARS for point merge.

Thanks Tyler .


When will this happen, since it is mentioned so many times now? (not hating, just curious)


Great FNF as always!

As the man him self stated, it will be there soon for all.

I hope many good things are are there to come in 2022.


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This will occur sometime this month. We’re just repeatedly prefacing the change since we know some of our community members don’t tune in or read every week’s FNF.


Me too, but it has been 4 weeks now (I think) that it’s mentioned and nothing has happened yet! Like if it is something big make WIP or something, or if it is something minor, don’t mention it and drop it with the updates!

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Ah alright! If you guys faced some challenges then my bad for calling you out, I thought that guys are going to drop it with the 22.1 update!

And you guys didn’t show us or told us about it or even took a pic of it. Therefore I was kind of curious to know!

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Alongside this, I just want to say a big congratulations to all the new IFATC Supervisors. Time to end the week on a high I suppose.


A turkish fnf is delightful


Have to agree @mwe2187

Might come in from Frankfurt in an A321, looking forward to a poopton of traffic at Istanbul!

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Wonderful FNF !

i’ll be doing LLBG (Tel Aviv) to LTFM (Istanbul). Who would like to join me?

Hermosa ciudad y paisajes , espero llegar el sábado desde santiago de chile… ❤️

Why no stream???

These days Misha dont publish FNF?



Misha has unfortunately stepped down from the Infinite Flight team. Since this has occurred around a month or so ago, Tyler has been publishing the FNF’s.

It’s important to note though, what Tyler mentioned above which I have quoted below for your convenience:

Take care mate!


Amazing FNF covered most of Europe-

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I see, sad to hear that!