04DEC21 / 1400Z - easyJet Virtual Presents: The Great Gatwick Flyout @ EGKK

Gate 13L for me :)

I can take ground and if no-one else takes tower and atis then I can also take them but I would rather just ground

Of course, can you tell me the aircraft and destination please?

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Frequency is yours!

We will keep that in mind! Thank you!

Could I change into Agadir Al Massira with the new livery? Because @RealLukejw taked the same route as me and this isn’t realistic… (and i was first)


Sign me up for that gate. Flying the A319 (New Livery) to Ljubljana (LJLJ) with callsign Emirates 007VA

I’ve changed that for you!

With pleasure, see you there!

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Can I get 52L to Gibraltar? Callsign will be Easy 902VA and aircraft A319

Good choice, see you there!

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Hey ! I can control Tower/ATIS for you 😁

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could I get gate 554 to LOWI EasyJet A320 Callsign Easy 391VA

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Great, the frequency is yours!

Great choice, enjoy your flight!

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Hey there! Could I get this gate bound to Zurich on EasyJet A319?

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a320 lisbon

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You’re all set, see you there!

You’re gate is reserved, enjoy your flight!


Sorry won’t be able to take it anymore I need to work on Saturday :(

That’s ok, thank you for showing an interest!

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Can i take gate 51L? Im using the EasyJet A319 to Munich (EZY 532)

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Of course, see you there!

You can take me off the schedule. I’ve decided not to attend if that’s alright