04DEC2022 “The good old NY flyout” @KLGA {Departed}

Welcome to the LGA flyout hosted by me Avaitor1 and @United403 we would love to see the new and improved LGA be busy like it should be. as one of the major hubs for Delta,American, and JetBlue. LGA is located near the heart of the city and is as well a major E175 Hub.
—This event will be hosted on the training server

As well at KLGA


Terminal A
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
A1 JetBlue Boston A320 @Ashwanth_razil
A2 JetBlue Sarasota E190 @VVESM4N
A3 JetBlue Martha’s Vineyard E190
A4 JetBlue Orlando A321
A5 JetBlue Tampa A320
A6 JetBlue Fort Myers A321
Old Terminal B,D gates
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
D1 Air Canada Toronto BCS3 @United403
D2 Air Canada Montreal E175 @Lufthansa1
D3 Frontier Orlando A321
D4 Frontier Miami A320
D5 Westjet Edmonton B738 @AmtrakEngineerDEN
D7 Spirit Dallas A321
D10 Spirit Nashville A321
American Airlines Hard Stands
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
1 American Dallas A321
A American Atlanta A320
B American Charlotte A321 @Ryan_Carney
2 American Chicago B738
C1 American Miami B738 @AmericanB772
D American Pittsburg A319
3 American St. Louis A320
E American Eagle/Vail A319 @Aviation2929
F American Jackson Hole A319
G9 American Nassua A320
Transient parking ramp
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
1 American Aruba B738
2 American Raleigh A320
3 American Washington National A319 @EnthusiasticAviation
4 American St.Louis A320
5 American Columbus Glenn A319
6 American Glacier Park A320
7 American Montrose A319
8 American Dayton E175
9 American Kansas City E175
10 American Louisville CRJ7
11 American Norfolk CRJ7
12 American Ashville E175
13 American Savanah/Hilton Head E175
14 American Keywest E175
15 American Little Rock E175
16 American Greensboro CRJ9 @RagonDragon
17 American Roanoke CRJ7
Terminal B
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
24 American Wilmington E175
25 American Cinncinati E175
26 American Memphis CRJ9
27 American Indianapolis CRJ7
28 American Richmond CRJ7
29 American Tulsa E175
30 American Rapid City E175
31 American Southbend CRJ-900
40 Southwest Baltimore B737
41 Southwest Midway B737
42 Southwest Dallas Love B738
43 Southwest Houston Hobby B738
44 Southwest New Orleans B738
45 Southwest St. Louis B738
46 Southwest Tampa B737
47 Southwest Denver B738
48 Southwest Sarasota B737
49 Southwest Atlanta B737
51 United Chicago B739
52 United Denver B738
53 United Houstan A320
54 United Washington Dulles E175 @Carson_Byrnes
55 JetBlue West Palm Beach A321
56 JetBlue Nantucket E190
57 JetBlue Atlanta A320
58 JetBlue Orlando A321 @Avaitor1
59 American Detroit A319
Terminal C
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
29 Delta Atlanta A321
30 Delta Detroit B739
31 Delta Boston BCS3
32 Delta Fort Lauderdale B739
34 Delta Minneapolis A320
35 Delta Tampa B738
37 Delta Sarasota BCS3
38 Delta Syracuse E175
39 Delta New Orleans B738
41 Delta Raleigh A320
Terminal D
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
6 Delta Albany CRJ2
7 Delta Bangor CRJ7
8 Delta Grand Rapids E175
9 Delta Traverse City E175
10 Delta Rochester CRJ7
11 Delta Pensacola A319
92 Delta Knoxville CRJ9
93 Delta Des Moines E175
94 Delta Jacksonville E175 @Murilo_Heindrich
95 Delta Providence CRJ7
96 Delta Charelston WV E175
97 Delta Greensville/Spartenburg CRJ9
98 Delta Buffalo CRJ9


Tower: @Butter575
Ground: @Butter575
New York Center:
Washington Center:
Departure: @RyanairLander
Approach: @RyanairLander


Thanks for Hosting!!! I’ll take G+T

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And I’ll take this gate please

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Yes please!


Could I reserve this please?


I’ll take this

Can I have this plz!

@EnthusiasticAviation, @Lufthansa1 @RyanairLander @VVESM4N, @Avaitor1 will sign you up shortly! Thanks for joining

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May I have this please?
C1 American Miami B738

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Ill take this gate please


D5 Westjet Edmonton B738- may i have this one please?

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You are signed up

Thank you!

I’ll take 32-B757 FLL please?

I’ll have this please

Thank you.

Event Bump plenty of gates left

@Avaitor1 can I Sponsor