04DEC12 / 1820Z Chicago Midway To Dallas Love Field

We’ll be flying the 737-700 or 800, in any Southwest livery of your choosing


Time of Departure: 18:20 Zulu

Server: Expert Server

We’ll be flying a classic route on this flight from Chicago Midway to Dallas Love Field! Route distance will be 714nm with a flight time of approximately 1 hour and 35 minutes follow Southwest 673 when taxiing so it doesn’t get chaotic! Have fun flying!

Hey there you should update your title

And is your flight 1500 Zulu or 0500 Zulu?

That looks like 0535 Zulu but you can’t post a group flight now you should post it 3 hours before the group flight

I changed it to a more suitable time, thanks for pointing that out! It’s my first time creating one and I’m quite excited!

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It’s fine just don’t want your topic closed enjoy your flight

Thank you!

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I believe 12:20 central time would be 1820Z i went ahead and helped fix the title for you!

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