04AUG21/0030Z - SoCal Flight @ KSFO - KLAX

We will be in Southwest 737’s. You can go in one of the Terminal 2 gates. I will be there 5-10 minutes early. My call sign is SUPA. I will have a fpl for you to copy.

Aircraft: 737 Southwest

Route: KSFO - KLAX

Time: 4:30 PST. 2430Z

Server: Expert

If you can come comment down below. See you all then.


T-minus 20 minutes.

BTW: you will have to manually descend. My flight plan does not have vnav.

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Could you make it training server

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Sure! Training sever it is.

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Thank you so much

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No problem!

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Do you mean tomorrow?

It is Today

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It says Aug 4 in the title mate

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Then Why does it say the 4th

I’m stupid, I take that back, it’s been a long day, @Wesley_Fry, since it’s in Zulu time, it’ll be the next day in the GMT time zone, but not here

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No worries


Oh my gosh yeah! I feel very dumb now

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Are you coming on the flight?

What time is it tho

In 10 minutes.

Sure! I will come!

Great! If anyone else wants to come comment “yes”.

See you in a few.

My calling is experimental 630