04AUG2022- West Michigan flyout @ KGRR

Fly out of one of my home airports KGRR Gerald R Ford International, in Grand Rapids Michigan. An airport that is not 3D but has flights to 3D airports. But I almost never see people flying here so I want shine a light on this great airport

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A Gates

A1| Allegiant| Las Vegas| A320
A2| Allegiant| Las Angeles|A320
A3| Allegiant| Orland Sanford|A320
A4| Delta| Detroit| A320/B717
A5| Delta| Atlanta| A321
A6| Delta| New York LGA| CRJ9
A7| Delta| Minneapolis| E170/CRJ9| @Butter575

B Gates

2 of the B gates are missing from the airport on if so for some gates there will be more than one route and you can choose what you want
B1| Frontier| Denver/Orlando MCO|A320
B2| United| Denver| B738
B3| United| Houston E170|Chicago|CRJ7
B4| Southwest| Chicago MDW| B737/8| @Deltadev13
B5| American| Dallas A320| Charlotte CRJ9
B6| Chicago E175/CRJ2| Washington DCA| CRJ9

PM me with any route or aircraft changes
If there. Isn’t enough interest it will be canceled. Also PM me if I made any mistakes setting this up it is my first time as I just got to TL2
If you want to fly GA spawn at any open GA gate. That also goes for the FedEx flights too

I hope to see you guys there!!

About GRR


This airport definitely deserves a rework! I’ll take the flight to Midway!

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I’ll take this please!

Yes it does, whenever I get accepted to airport editing this will be one of the first ones I do. Also thanks I’ll see you there

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Sounds good. Thanks and see you there

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