04AUG20 / 1400Z - Banking into the Remnants of Hurricane Isaias! @KFLL - KJFK

Hi! Welcome to Fort Lauderdale!

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Hey! One of my friends in New Jersey just told me that he just got a tropical storm warning. That’s because Hurricane Isaias had just skimmed past Florida, and is now making it’s way up the east coast towards New York. With winds currently at 70 miles per hour. This will be interesting. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to fly into the storm. We will be hopping in JetBlue and Delta aircraft in Fort Lauderdale, flying up the coast, and then landing in New York via the infamous Canarsie Approach.

Server: Expert
Date & Time: 2020-08-04T14:00:00Z

Please be respectful towards all fellow pilots and keep the standards of the Expert Server high. Please follow all ATC instructions given or Unicom whichever is present.

Runway assignments will be given on the day of the event. (Tomorrow)

The Canarsie Approach

Often viewed as the most dangerous approaches into KJFK, this visual approach takes you along the Shore Parkway before banking you on a low-to-the-ground turn that many view as the “Kai Tak of New York”.


JetBlue Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Attendee
F1 JetBlue A321 KJFK @RileyBozina
F2 JetBlue A321 KJFK
F3 JetBlue A321 KJFK
F4 JetBlue A321 KJFK
F5 JetBlue A320 KJFK
F6 JetBlue A320 KJFK
F7 JetBlue A320 KJFK
F8 JetBlue A320 KJFK
F9 JetBlue A321 KJFK @ORD777flyer
F10 JetBlue A321 KJFK
Delta Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Attendee
D1 Delta A321 KJFK
D2 Delta A321 KJFK
D3 Delta A321 KJFK
D4 Delta A321 KJFK
D5 Delta B737-900 KJFK @Udeme_Ekpo
D6 Delta B737-900 KJFK @charrison
D7 Delta B737-900 KJFK @Pingu
D8 Delta B737-900 KJFK
D9 Delta B737-900 KJFK


Safe flying and stay safe!


Guess I’m the first one to sign up lol. I’ll take this, thanks. :)

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Alright, cool! I’ll sign you up!

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I’ll take a gate on a JetBlue A320

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You got it!

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Thank you man

No problem. :)

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meeeee!! thanks

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Alright, I’ll sign you up! Thanks for coming!

I will take this gate please thank you

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Thanks for signing up!

@Pingu, it is 10:30 and I am the only one landing in KFLL for today’s event to KJFK. Are we going or not?

I’m sorry, I cannot attend. You all may continue without me. Really sorry, this won’t happen again.

Ok then because it’s almost 11:00

Man, I wish I had known about this event. Hurricane hit me hard tho still don’t have power lol

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