04APR21 / 2300Z - The Pacific Transition @ CYVR - RPLL

Tonight, following my career mode gameplay, I have to cross the big Pacific ocean, aboard Philippine Airlines. Philippines have a very stunning landscape, as you can see below 👀

Flight Information:

  • Airplane and Livery: Philippines A350
  • Flight Time: 12:55hrs
  • Deparute / Arrival times: 2021-04-04T23:00:00Z2021-04-05T12:00:00Z
  • Route: CYVR - RPLL
  • Server: EXPERT

Flight Specs


  • Altitude: FL340
  • Speed: M.85


  • Block Fuel: 83,000kgs
  • Passengers: 270
  • Cargo: 4000kgs


  • FL000 - FL100 / 250KTS / 2400ft/m
  • FL100 - FL280 / 300KTS / 2200ft/m
  • FL280 - FL340 / M.85 / 1800ft/m


  • Please be proffesional, better than a normal “Expert” server pilot
  • Do not announce takeoff untill the plane ahead is 3000ft above the ground level.
  • Minimum separation must be of 20NM, you know what happens during overnights…
  • Communications will be in this thread.
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Nope, in 28 minutes is 1 am for me which is 23:00Z of the day before (2 hours of difference with zulu)

It’s currently 2233Z. :p

Whoops, you’re right. My bad, carry on, sorry about that.

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Well, anyway I don’t know why I loose time posting that here because never nobody comes xd

@anon67724595 Idk if you come for that but you can copy my FPL :)

Yes I do, but I’ll be sleeping right after I reach cruise, and I’ve already copied your FPL. :-)

Yeah same It will be an overnight, thank you

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If nobody plans to join, I suggest you that we start pushing back?

Yeah, i was just waiting because I will arrive basically at lunch time, and I wanted to avoid that…

@anon67724595 pushback approved, expect runway 26L

Pushback approved, YMCA :-)

We can wait a bit more if you want, it doesn’t bother me at all.

Dont worry, a long taxi solves it ;)

I think you can add ‘Flight of 2’ to your callsign :-)

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okay, remember the separation notam. Have a nice takeoff!

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Thanks! So if I understood it well, I’ll wait until you take off and climb at 3,000ft then I take off and at cruise altitude I have to make sure that you’re at least 20nm away from me, is that right?

And have a good flight as well!

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Exactly, and instead of 2400ft/m of climb rate, 2200 will be better, if not you will stall

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hahaha, do not turn off the seatbelts sign. That’s quite funny above FL220

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Ah. Will turn them back on right now! x)

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Oh God, that’s a real roller-coaster right here…

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Btw, about your callsign, good musical taste man!

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