04APR21 / 1600Z - Fly-Out at the World's Busiest Airport @EGLL

ya know in this event there are routes to LAX

You can search it up on Google😂

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Southern Air B77F to Dallas

Thanks for the tip, happy flying.

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Hey @Ahmed1 just finished my flight to Bahrain! Thanks for having me.

Just landed in Addis Ababa, thanks again @Ahmed1 for organising such a fantastic event, one of the best i’ve been in so far, also huge thanks to ATC for their extraordinary professionalism whilst handling the insane amount of traffic, to those still in the sky, safe flights and happy landings, hope to see you at future events soon.

I’m diverting to Chicago as I have something to do tonight and won’t be able to land😭

I had a nice flight to Lahore [OPLA]

Eastern Departure Baku, Azerbaijan
Scenic Afghanistan
Final approach at OPLA

Butter the Bread

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Landed into KORD after a pretty uneventful flight, thanks again! @Ahmed1 and expect some pics from me aswell!

@Dream and I are both going to HKG and we have been cruising together the whole time!


Hahaha lol I was trying to get ahead of you

Landed at WSSS ,Thanks for Flight @Ahmed1

Thank guys for coming, sorry for the late reply

and sorry for the organisation of this event

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