04APR21 / 1600Z - Fly-Out at the World's Busiest Airport @EGLL

Introducing the event

London Heathrow is one of the biggest airports in terms of air traffic. It connects the world together, serving more destinations than any other airport in the entire world, and it makes it the best place to do an event, especially since it is right in the middle of the world pretty much . So I think we should do a worldwide fly out from the world’s busiest airport, London Heathrow on #expert server!

Event specifics

Server: Expert
Time and date: 2021-04-04T16:00:00Z
Event type: Fly-out

More info, tips, NOTAMS etc.

  • Several flights will be taking place, to all around the world (I avoided putting any domestic flights. Closest destination to London Heathrow is Dublin!). If you want to fly one of them, please comment down below in the following format:
    EGLL-ICAO/Airline/Aircraft/Gate/Pilot/Flight Number
    Or just quote the flight in your reply so it’s easier for me to organise who is doing which flight.
  • Choose a flight going to or via a place you want to explore! Lets see if we can fill up every gate. (I know I’m asking for too much)
  • Try and pick your callsign based on your flight number. If I haven’t put the flight number, you can put your own. Just request your flight number or try and find the real life one (I couldn’t find it if I left it blank). I have put the first 2 digits for you.
  • IFATC will be providing ATC there as part of the weekly schedule :) (Thanks Tyler Shelton)
    If there is, please listen and adhere to all their instructions
    And be respectful to other pilots
  • No pattern work allowed
  • No intersection departures
  • Hopefully the 27s will be in use, and both runways will be used for departures (This will be assigned by the ground controller if there will be one depending on where you are around the airport)
  • Expect airport to be busy during this time if you are at Heathrow and not part of the event. Be patient please
  • I am not responsible for any violations obtained during this flight
  • I’d rather you make your own flight plans but I am happy to help. I’m sure simbrief or flight plan database is also happy to help.

This is my first event I’m organising on the Expert Server (I have done a few on Training), please give me some feedback on this! I loved organising it, I hope it will be just as fun when the event actually takes place.

I was making a guide to London Heathrow, and I was aiming to post it before I post this event but I lost the draft and I have to start it again. I am now in the process of making another one, but I’m going to post it after this one. When I publish it, the link will replace this whole text, so stay tuned

Gate assignments

I have worked so hard for the past 2 months to make sure that all aircraft are accurate and that their assigned gates are able to handle that aircraft. If there is an error, however, please inform me so I can change it

Terminal 2

Some of these are remote gates, but this hasn’t been pointed out like the other terminals as it doesn’t matter as much (hopefully)

2AXX=Terminal 2, main terminal

2BXX==Terminal 2, satellite B terminal

Destination City ICAO Airline Aircraft Gate Pilot Flight Number
Tokyo RJAA Japan Airlines B787-9 2A09 @AryaTheLivingMeme JL42
Delhi VIDP Air India B787-8 2A10 @GladiatorAlpha AI112
Tokyo RJTT ANA B777-200ER 2A11 @nyle NH212
Denver KDEN United B777-200ER 2A12 A320_Flyerboy19 U050VAL
Mumbai VABB Air India B787-8 2A13 Rohan_Mehrotra AI019VA
Zagreb LDZA Croatia Airlines A319 2A16 Dunedo OU491
Dublin EIDW Aer Lingus A320 2A17 Antuan EI155
Montreal CYUL Air Canada A330-300 2A18 corgi_doodle AC865
Chicago KORD United B777-300ER 2A19 @patrick_Altenhoff UA929
Vienna LOWW Austrian A319 2A20 @DeltaFox OS1406
Bangkok VTBS Thai A380-800 2A21 @ TG911
Athens LGAV Aegean A320 2A23 @MichaelMetaxas A3790VA
Frankfurt EDDF Lufthansa A320 2A24 @JPC LH915
Oslo ENGM SAS B737-700 2A25 @Elias.ma11 SK806
Lisbon LPPT TAP A320 2A26 @flybarroso TP1357
Reykjavik BIKF Icelandair B757-200 2B31 @zand3r FI451
Copenhagen EKCH SAS B737-700 2B32 @ SK502
Cairo HECA Egyptair B777-300ER 2B33 @askrdl MS778
Mumbai VABB Air India B777-300ER 2B36 @ AI128
Singapore WSSS Singapore Airlines A350-900 2B38 @SAVRamper SQ317
Washington DC KIAD United B787-10 2B39 @SamtypicalYT UA2780
Addis Ababa HAAB Ethiopian A350-900 2B41 @N489DN ET701
Istanbul LTFM Turkish B777-300ER 2B42 aviatorshubyt TK1972
Munich EDDM Lufthansa A320 2B43 @Chelseason LH2475
Houston KIAH United B777-200ER 2B44 Zach007 UA879
Los Angeles KLAX United B787-9 2B46 Alden_Jesus_Carballo UA935
Vancouver CYVR Air Canada B787-9 2B47 @ AC855
Toronto CYYZ Air Canada B777-300ER 2B48 @TheFlyingGuy1 AC849
Zurich LSZH Swiss A321 2B49 @GreenFire LX319
Beijing ZBAA Air China A350-900 2B51 @youmans CA57
Brussels EBBR Brussels Airlines A320 2B52 @ SN2094
Stockholm ESSA SAS B737-700 2B53 @ SK526
Cologne EDDK Eurowings A320 2B54 @City_Flyer EW469
Terminal 3
Destination City ICAO Airline Aircraft Gate Pilot Flight Number
Mumbai VABB Virgin B787-9 301 @Divyansh_Tandon VS354
Hong Kong VHHH Cathay Pacific A350-900 303 @Dream CX252
Islamabad OPIS Virgin B787-9 305 @Usman_A VS378
Helsinki EFHK Finnair A350-900 307 @ AY
Dubai OMDB Emirates B777-300ER 309 @ricardo-acosta EK30
New York KJFK Virgin B787-9 311 @TheGynSpotter VS3
Atlanta KATL Delta B777-200ER 313 @Tyduz DL33
Lahore OPLA Virgin B787-9 316 @Skonert VS364
Amman OJAI Royal Jordanian B787-8 317 Ahmed1 RJ112
Colombo VCBI SriLankan A330-300 318 @EthanDavidpilot UL504
Johannesburg FAOR Virgin B787-9 319 @Skimwilk97 VS449
Manila RPLL Philippines Airlines A350-900 320 @tjb0709 PR721
Boston KBOS Delta B757-200 321 @Butter1 DL4378
Mumbai VABB Virgin B787-9 322 @Luqman_Rashada VS354
Washington DC KIAD Delta B757-200 323 @10R80_Daily DL4382
Shanghai ZSPD Virgin B787-9 327 @ VS250
Dubai OMDB Emirates B777-300ER 328 @Easybusy26 EK986VA
Seattle KSEA Delta B777-200ER 329 @ehodge DL4348
Perth YPPH Qantas B787-9 330 @sanketpandia QF10
Los Angeles KLAX Delta B757-200 331 @ DL4404
Beirut OLBA MEA A321 332 @ ME202
Los Angeles KLAX Virgin B787-9 334 @SWA1997 VS23
San Francisco KSFO Delta B777-200ER 335 @zion89 DL4390
Cape Town FACT Virgin B787-9 336 @ VS478
New York KJFK Delta B767-300ER 340 @Lij_Endrias DL2
Dallas KDFW American B777-300ER 342 @Ethan_Brown AA115VA
Xiamen ZSAM Xiamen Air B787-8 363 @AviatorEgcc MF456
Sydney YSSY Qantas B787-9 364 @Infinite_Josh QF7879
Terminal 4

4XX=Terminal 4, main terminal
4RXX=Terminal 4, remote gates

Destination City ICAO Airline Aircraft Gate Pilot Flight Number
Kuala Lumpur WMKK Malaysian A350-900 401 @Oliver_You MH3
Jakarta WIII Garuda Indonesia B777-300ER 402 @VirgilMapleYN GA87
Doha OTHH Doh A350-900 403 @Joshbaker QR6
Jeddah OEJN Saudia B787-9 405 @ SV112
Baku UBBB Azerbaijan Airlines B787-8 406 @ J2
Kuwait City OKBK Kuwait Airlines B777-300ER 407 @Adam.Playz KU104
Riyadh OERK Saudia B787-9 408 @ SV104
Moscow UUEE Aeroflot B777-300ER 409 @kit_v_kapushone AFLV106
Muscat OOMS Oman Air B787-8 410 @ WY104
Abu Dhabi OMAA Etihad B787-10 411 @ EY12
Seoul RKSI Korean Air A380-800 412 @Monty KE540
Nairobi HKJK Kenya Airlines B787-8 414 @ KQ101
Casablanca GMMN Royal Air Maroc B787-8 416 @ AT801
Rome LIRF Alitalia A321 417 @bertus22 AZ208
Amsterdam EHAM KLM Royal Dutch Airlines B737-900 419 @PappaHotel KL1000
Bahrain OBBI Gulf Air A321 420 @Hops_the_Rabbit GF2
Tunis DTTA Tunisair A319 421 @Lachlanavitor TU791
Hanoi VVNB Vietnam Airlines B787-9 422 @CompetitiveDivide320 VN56
Paris LFPG Air France A320 423 @PATOU95 AF1081
Guangzhou ZGGG China Southern B787-8 424 @ CZ304
Mexico City MMMX Aeromexico B787-8 425 @ AM
Mauritius FIMP Air Mauritius A350-900 4R29 @Julien_Narayanasawmy MK
Astana UACC Air Astana B757-200 4R30 @ KC
Bucharest LROP Tarom A318 4R31 @ RO392
Shanghai ZSPD China Eastern A350-900 4R32 @Jxshua MU7010
Algiers DAAG Air Algiere B737-800 4R41 @Ahmed_AH AH2055
Kuala Lumpur WMKK Malaysian A380-800 4R49 @Javiation_491 MH1
Terminal 5

5AXX=Terminal 5, main terminal
5BXX=Terminal 5, concourse B
5CXX=Terminal 5, concourse C
5ARXX=Terminal 5, main terminal remote gates
5BRXX=Terminal 5, concourse B remote gates
5CRXX=Terminal 5, concourse C remote gates

Destination City ICAO Airline Aircraft Gate Pilot Flight Number
Munich EDDM British Airways A320 5A01 @United.sandwitch BA954
Funchal LPMA British Airways A320 5A02 @WRL_Kubica BA
Geneva LSGG British Airways A320 5A03 @Matt124 BA724
Mumbai VABB British Airways B777-300ER 5A05 @ BA139
Moscow UUDD British Airways A321 5A06 @ BA880
Beirut OLBA British Airways A321 5A07 @ BA149
Abuja DNAA British Airways B777-200ER 5A08 @JuhoV BA83
Barcelona LEBL British Airways A320 5A09 @ BA480
Amman OJAI British Airways A321 5A11 @ BA147
Cairo HECA British Airways A321 5A12 @ BA400
Bahrain OBBI British Airways B787-9 5A14 @ BA125
Kuala Lumpur WMKK British Airways B787-9 5A16 @LeeAviation BA33
Dallas KDFW British Airways B787-10 5A18 @Texan BA193
Madrid LEMD British Airways A320 5A19 @ BA456
Larnaca LCLK British Airways A320 5A20 @ BA662
Ljubljana LJLJ British Airways A320 5A21 @MJP_27 BA803VA
Copenhagen EKCH British Airways A320 5A22 @ BA818
Berlin EDDB British Airways A319 5A23 @Jukker BA986
Bucharest LROP British Airways A320 5AR24 @ BA886
Brussels EBBR British Airways A319 5AR25 @ BA3406
Dusseldorf EDDL British Airways A319 5AR26 @ BA938
Amsterdam EHAM British Airways A319 5AR27 @yuzy1998 BA430
Rome LIRF British Airways A320 5BR31 @ BA560
Jeddah OEJN British Airways B787-9 5B32 @ClaudeAvation BA278
Bangkok VTBS British Airways B787-9 5B33 @ BA9
Kuwait City OKBK British Airways B787-9 5B34 @contrailer BA107
Doha OTHH British Airways B787-9 5B35 @Ethan_Q BA2033
Los Angeles KLAX British Airways B777-300ER 5B36 @Nightt BA269
Reykjavik BIKF British Airways A320 5B37 @ BA
Abu Dhabi OMAA British Airways B787-9 5B38 @ BA
Rio de Janeiro SGBL British Airways B777-200ER 5B39 @Agenor_ROUPIE_SAFRON BA
Riyadh OERK British Airways B787-9 5B41 @ BA
Madrid LEMD British Airways B777-300ER 5B42 @Flyingshib BA460
Mexico City MMMX British Airways B787-9 5B43 @Sam73628 BA243
Dubai OMDB British Airways B777-200ER 5B44 @CptAdam BA105
Muscat OOMS British Airways B787-9 5B45 @ BA
Santiago SCEL British Airways B777-300ER 5B46 @Mo_Alz BA249
San Francisco KSFO British Airways B787-9 5B47 @Antoniobig25 BA285
Lagos DNMM British Airways B777-300ER 5B48 @Gwen BA75
Paris LFPG British Airways A319 5CR51 @ BA306
New York KJFK British Airways B777-200ER 5C52 @Branstar_247 BA173
Seoul RKSI British Airways B787-9 5C53 @I_AM_KOREAN_FOX BA17
Shanghai ZSPD British Airways B777-300ER 5C54 @Mafiaviaton BA169
Singapore WSSS British Airways B777-300ER 5C55 @Dip_Prajapati UK02VA
Singapore WSSS British Airways B777-300ER 5C56 @Omkar_Rathi UK889VA
Istanbul LTFM British Airways B787-9 5C57 @Aaron_Drake-Worth BA676
Frankfurt EDDF British Airways A320 5CR58 @ BA906
Kiev UKBB British Airways A320 5CR61 @ BA
Toronto CYYZ British Airways B787-9 5C62 @ BA99
Sao Paulo SBGR British Airways B777-200ER 5C63 @Murilo_Heindrich BAVA434
Atlanta KATL British Airways B787-9 5C64 @Flying.Ty BA227
Hong Kong VHHH British Airways B777-300ER 5C65 @andrewsaviation91 BA27
Johannesburg FAOR British Airways B787-9 5C66 @MKT BA55
Islamabad OPIS British Airways B777-200ER 5C67 @Alex_speedbird BA261
Oslo ENGM British Airways A320 5C68 @ BA
Zurich LSZH British Airways A320 5CR72 @Enigma BA712
Marrakech GMMX British Airways A320 5CR73 @ BA
Athens LGAV British Airways A320 5CR75 @ BA632
Dublin EIDW British Airways A320 5CR76 @TwoEyes BA826
Algiers DAAG British Airways A320 5CR81 @ BA
Nice LFMN British Airways A320 5CR82 @Nils_Esser BA344
Bridgetown TBPB British Airways B777-200ER 5CR83 @barbadian BA255
Milan LIMC British Airways A320 5CR90 @MainSky BA3390
Zagreb LDZA British Airways A320 5CR91 @LebaneseAvgeek BA5
Boston KBOS British Airways B787-9 5CR92 @altixs BA
Delhi VIDP British Airways B787-9 5CR93 @ BA143
Terminal 6

This is a cargo terminal. You may request a cargo gate, and pick any destination. Make sure you are specific, and reply in the following format:
EGLL-ICAO/Airline/Aircraft/Gate/Pilot/Flight Number

Destination City ICAO Airline Aircraft Gate Pilot Flight Number
Nice LFMN Fedex B777-F 610 @EVO_G-vlogs_200 FDX3AD
Leipzig EDDP Aerologic B777F 611 @IFTH_Thai_smile265 3S265
Seoul RKSI Korean Air Cargo B777-F 612 @if.aceh PH-IFA
Dallas KDFW Emirates SkyCargo B777-F 613 @Matt001 EK5913
Cologne EDDK Fedex MD11-F 616 @Helzluis FDX

This event is not sponsored by anyone up until now. This also isn’t an official event.

I organised this event by myself

If you do sign up, wait for me to post a message that looks like this:


Ahmed1 thank you for signing up, you have been added. Enjoy your flight
You have flight RJ112, Royal Jordanian to Amman OJAI in a B787-8 departing from Terminal 3, gate 317
Bookmark this post so you keep these details

This message confirms that you have successfully been added. If you don’t get this message, then you probably haven’t been added, as I forgot or something like that. Also, like I posted, bookmark this post as it has all the details you will possibly need for your event.

Thanks for reading. This took me 2 months to make, so I hope you join!


i can be IFATC


Do you have approval? It needs to be approved.

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Lol is that Lord Bendter is GOAT? You managed to change your name?


Yessir, yup got it changed.


Nice, even though I loved your original username

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Thanks bro:)


Delta never operated the 77W.

Something odd happened here…

If LHR is on the schedule on April 1st and if you’re IFATC go right ahead, but otherwise you can’t.


Trying to get of the topic??

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Hmm hang on, I think that was supposed to say -200ER
Thanks for letting me know, I’ll change that right now

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Oh yeah I just saw that one, again thanks for letting me know

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No problem, good luck with your event!

Would you like a gate?

this is a little out of the 30 day event range

w h a t d i d y o u d o t h e r e i s n o b a r b a d o s f l i g h t s

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Oh yeah its 31

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Not at the moment but once time gets us closer to the event date I’ll know if I could attend.

Yeah, month ends on the 31st.


Ok thanks, you can let me know whenever


What should I do, its out of the 30 day period but only by one day

double check with mods maybe

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