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Hello everyone! I am the Co-Owner of @04Airlines or http://04airlines.wix.com/04airlines ! We will re-post this when our account gets TL2 but for now, this will have to do.

Our VA has a fresh start but we will not surrender!! Some people may say that “Another stupid VA has started and it will fall sooner or later.”. We say: “WE SHALL NOT SURRENDER!!!”.

We offer tickets for smaller plane flights, military plane flights and bigger plane flights. As promised, we will log EVERY FLIGHT WITH VIDEO PROOF.You can also join our Airlines! Everything is in our website!: http://04airlines.wix.com/04airlines

Questions? Contact us on our website or PM @04Airlines

Check us out!

This is our basic livery.

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the livery is a bit of a joke.


It’s not perfected just a very very rough draft.

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it’s not that bad

it’s just the wing writing

Ok. I put in the basic livery photos. These should be better.

Wait how does the livery work with infinate flight. Can you download it

Positive comments please. @04Airlines the livery looks great!

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No it’s just a livery we made. It would be awesome if it was in IF though!

They were talking about the livery before we just replaced it. It wasn’t the best and it was a placeholder. Now we just put in the basic one and we might work to another one. Thanks for keeping peace though!

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