03SEP22 Phoenix Sky Harbor Flyout @KPHX

Can I Take A B777 American to LAX


@itscay519 @Jayden_Castillo Your signed up!

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@Jayden_Castillo taking a B777 to LAX From PHX is not realistic

You have this flight

12 Los Angeles American A320 @Jayden_Castillo

Let’s get some more sign ups

Did I sign up for a gate? I’m having a brainfart

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You did sign up @United403

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This is a bit of me! Reserve it for me will ya xx

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Thanks so much

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Sure @Connor.CHARLES

Keep these signups coming! Come see Phoenix!

I don’t see this gate but could I get a United A320 to SFO please?

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Sure @LongHaulGuy

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Your signed up

Let’s get some more signups!

Question, what gate will I spawn at?

I am flying a southwest B737

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You signed up for this one

|5|St George|American|CRJ7|@AmericanB738|

Oh sorry I switched

Can I switch to a Southwest B738 to KOAK

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