03SEP21 / 0600Z - Friday Night Flight: Upside Down Islands @ YSSY

Ah, yes. When I read it with that in mind, that makes more sense. I certainly haven’t and they never will live it down…. Mwah, ha, ha!

Ight Bois, Time to fly from Sydney to Auckland. (NZ A320)

@Alexandre at NFFN in real life, departures have always happened on runway 20 and arrivals on runway 02 regardless of wind direction and speed.

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Reupping my earlier post, BHM is tower is now open! Regular commercial jet service is to Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane (usually 738s or A320s).

sydney isnt capital its canberra btw

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The capital of Australia is Perth, not Sydney.

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lol how it’s clearly Auckland, not Perth /:

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De facto capital at least, not much more interesting stuff happening in those other places

saw quite a few people on the thread heading to Nadi, has NFFN been ATC staffed thus far, at any point during the FNF? Headed there myself, on a charter for my VA from HAAB into Nadi

I was doing the featured long haul and one pilot followed me… Idk what happened he left his device or slept he cruised at full speed over the destination airport straight off lol.

guaranteed he fell asleep at the “wheel”

appreciate you staffing Nadi @Vignesh_S thank you

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I know, I know… it’s a joke. One time Misha called Sydney the capital by mistake, so it’s just a joke as I will never let them live it down.

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I beg to differ

ah lmao did he actually?

@MJhendo i am using the actual flight plan i found for the approach to runway 23 into queenstown

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Thanks Angus! I saw that you had it in your flight plan, but it is important to remember that once I give you vectors you must follow these instead. It’s a shame we only have RW05-Y RNAV in the game, so I do have to give visual approach for 23 with manual vectors in the meanwhile. I’m a Queenstown local so the Y approach is very familiar :) Cheers for coming by!

Yeah its silly that we dont have the runway 23 approach in the game. btw i have been to queenstown once about 4 years ago and did some skiing at coronet peak and the remarkables

Yes it’s crazy how it’s not in game yet! Will make my life a lot easier when it does come :)

has someone made any requests to get that into the game?