03SEP21/ 030Z - Palm Springs Evening Flyout! @KPSP

Palm Springs Flyout!

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Event Info!

Server: Expert
Time: 2021-09-04T00:30:00Z2021-09-04T01:30:00Z
Airport: Palm Springs International Airport 🇺🇸

Palm Springs International Airport

Palm Springs International Airport (IATA: PSP, ICAO: KPSP, FAA LID: PSP), formerly Palm Springs Municipal Airport, is an airport two miles (3 km) east of downtown Palm Springs, California, United States. The airport covers 940 acres (380 ha) and has two runways. The facility operates year-round, with most flights occurring in the fall, winter, and spring. The airport was named as number 3 in a 2011 list of “America’s Most Stress-Free Airports” by Smarter Travel. PSP was built as a United Stat…

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International Terminal

Gate 4 American Airlines 737-800 Dallas Ft Worth I KDFW
Gate 6 Delta Airlines A320-200 Seattle Tacoma I KSEA @LucasFil1
Gate 8 Alaska Airlines 737-900 Seattle Tacoma I KSEA @AlaskaAirfireball111
Gate 10 American Airlines A320-200 Phoenix Sky I KPHX @Captain_T_Malone
Gate 11 Southwest Airlines 737-800 Dallas Love Field I KDAL @Olegend049
Gate 9 Southwest Airlines 737-700 Phoenix Sky Harbor I KPHX @SWA1997
Gate 7 Alaska Airlines 737-800 Seattle Tacoma I KSEA
Gate 5 American Airlines 737-800 Dallas Ft Worth I KDFW
Gate 3 Westjet 737-800 Cornwall-Summertown Regional Airport I CYCC @CanadianNorth

Domestic Terminal

Gate 12 American Eagle CRJ-700 Las Vegas I KLAS!
Gate 14 American Eagle CRJ-200 Las Vegas I KLAS
Gate 15 United Express CRJ-700 Phoenix Sky Harbor I KPHX
Gate 16 Alaska Airlines ( Horizon Air ) CRJ-700 Mexico City I MMMX
Gate 17 Alaska Airlines ( Horizon Air ) CRJ-700 Mexico City I MMMX
Gate 18 American Eagle CRJ-900 Dallas Ft Worth I KDFW
Gate 19 American Airlines A320-200 Dallas Ft Worth I KDFW
Gate 20 Delta Airlines ERJ-175 Salt Lake City
Gate 20A American Airlines 737-800 Cincinnati I KCVG


Airline Choices


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  • Spawn 10-15 minutes prior to departure
  • Do not attempt to pushback at the sametime as another aircraft beside you
  • Respect IFATC or UNICOM
  • I am not responsible for any violations or reports
  • Have Fun!

I Will Make PM 3 Days Prior To The Event Snag A Gate And Have Some Fun!

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Lets get some signups!

I would definitely sign up if I still had my subscription my guy. I hope all goes well with this though!

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No Problem!!

Can I have this Gate please
Gate 06, International Terminal, Delta A320-200 KSEA

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I am a little confused by the Zulu. I believe 1700Z is 12:00CDT, but you put 7:30 to 8:30 in the calendar time.

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Could I have this gate please?

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Oops my bad what would 7:30 ZULU be?

Yes Welcome!!


@LucasFil1 @AlaskaAirfireball111

You Have Been Signed Up!

The internet shows 14:30Z but I don’t think that’s right.

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Ill check it out thx for telling me!

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This on pls put me down as SWVA 588

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U Have Been Signed Up!

Hi, can I have this?

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Absolutely Welcome!


U have Been Signed Up Welcome!

@RyMan Hey there
I’m in. WestJet Virtual Group and have done many event flights to there via Calgary
Could I Please use WestJet. WJA1475 to CYYC with a B737-800 for this Event? Please and Thanks

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Sure why not Ill be happy to!

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